Torchwood (PvZ: GW2)

Torchwood (PvZ: GW2)
For other uses, see Torchwood (disambiguation).

Torchwood is a playable plant class in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that was introduced in the Trials of Gnomus DLC, alongside the Hover Goat-3000 as a reward for completing the Trials of Eternity.


Excluding the Infinity Robots and the Z-Mech and its variants, Torchwood possesses the highest amount of health out of any character in the game, with a staggering 275 health (just enough to surpass the Iron Citron).

To unlock the Torchwood, the player needs to open all 5 locks of the Torchwood chest. Each lock requires 15 Rainbow Stars to be unlocked, resulting in the total of 75 Rainbow Stars needed to unlock this class along with the completion of the 4 Trials.


Stickerbook description

Legend has it Torchwood was locked away in a magic chest because of his immeasurable rage. Waiting in that chest’s purgatory his rage only continued to grow and multiply. Now he is released and searching for vengeance.

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In-game description

He can take quite a beating with his Leaf Shield active, and his Blazin’ Blast and Smoldering Madness are sure to force Zombies to take cover.

Primary weapon

Torchwood’s primary weapon is called the Wood Chipper. As it’s name suggests, he fires out chips of wood at the enemy. It has infinite ammo and deals 2-3 damage at long range and 7-9 damage at close range. The Wood Chipper overheats after firing it for long periods of time (similar to the All-Star’s primary weapon).



Fighting With Torchwood

Torchwood is the tankiest character in the game (excluding the Z-Mechs and the Infinity Robots). He also plays a role very similar to that of the All-Star’s. Torchwood shines when he is closer to the opponent as his abilities (notably Blazin’ Blast) are a lot more effective and in some cases can only be used at close range.

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However, using Smoldering Madness gives you good ranged firepower, so if you need to be in a long-ranged encounter, use this ability. While Torchwood may have more health than any other playable character in the game, he is relatively slow and possesses the largest hitbox in the game of the Plants, making him very easy to hit.

If you feel that you are in danger, activate your Leaf Shield to temporarily reduce incoming damage. With the Leaf Shield active, Torchwood is able to tank a single ZPG (leaving him with 150 HP left). Blazin’ Blast any Zombies that get too close (for example, the Scientist, Super Brainz and the Imp).

Make sure to time your Blazin’ Blasts correctly as if you activate it too early, it can completely miss. On the other hand, when used well, it can quickly win you the fight.

When on the attack, activate your Smoldering Madness and push forward. While Smoldering is active, light up as many zombies in the area. Concentrate your fire on the big Zombies, then frequently spray at the weaker ones. This forces zombies into cover while sometimes even vanquishing them. Note that you cannot activate Leaf Shield while Smoldering Madness is active. Because of this, make sure you have plenty of health before using it.

Try not to stray too far from other plants as Torchwood is very weak on his own. Hanging around Sunflowers is a good idea, as they can keep you alive.

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Fighting Against Torchwood

Seeing that Torchwood has the most health out of all the playable characters on the plant side (excluding the Junkasaurus), you should try to avoid one on one fights with him. Instead, team up against him, preferably in an area where he cannot reach you with Blazin’ Blast.

His large hitbox makes him very easy to hit with ZPGs and Super Ultra Balls. If you see one using Leaf Shield or Smoldering Madness, try to immobilize it as fast as possible.

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The Imp’s Gravity Grenade is great for stopping a Torchwood in his tracks, as it lifts him into the air for everyone to shoot at. All Ice variants of Zombies are very effective against Torchwood. Overall, it is imperative to keep your distance. 

Balancing changes

November 2016 Patch

  • Primary weapon:
    • Decreased bullet accuracy by 50%
    • Decreased near/far damage from 7.5/4.5 to 5/3
    • Increased time before overheat by 1 second
  • Smoldering Madness:
    • Decreased bullet accuracy by 50%
    • Increased damage from 5 to 5.5

June 2017 Patch

  • Increased close range damage of primary weapon from 5 to 6.
  • Increased close range damage of Smoldering Madness from 5.5 to 6.


Plants vs. Zombies Wiki has a gallery for Torchwood.


  • There is a glitch similar to the glitch from the Centurion, where when you are vanquished by the Blazin’ Blast, the “Vanquished by” area says “Flame Spray” instead of “Blazin’ Blast.” Flame Spray is the primary weapon of the Fire Chomper.
    • This may be because the developers might have used the original coding for the Fire Chomper’s Flame Spray to make the Blazin’ Blast.
    • This glitch can happen if the player attacks a zombie with Torchwood’s primary weapon after damaging them with Blazin’ Blast.
  • This is the only plant class to have abilities that deal fire damage.
    • This also makes him the only character overall to have an elemental ability.
  • He looks very similar to (and is likely inspired by) Giga Torchwood.
  • In the cutscene that plays after being evacuated from the landing zone, Torchwood’s arm can be seen visibly clipping through Crazy Dave’s RV.
    • There is also another glitch in the Garden Ops opening cutscene, where he becomes the same size as his boss counterpart. When the cutscene ends, he returns to his normal size.
  • He and Hover Goat-3000 cannot be spawned as AI in Solo Ops.
    • Although this can be solved by, spawning another character, then switch, afterwards respawn as him, then switch back.
  • He explodes and disintegrates when he is KO’d, like Rose.
    • This also means that Torchwood, like Rose, is never seen in his ragdoll form.
    • In the same fashion as Rose becoming a small rose, he becomes a mini stump when he is KO’d.
  • Even though he is always on fire, he does not actually deal fire damage unless he is using one of his abilities.
  • When revived, the fire on his head is mysteriously gone. It will return while Smoldering Madness is in use, but will disappear again after it’s done.
  • When compared to Giga Torchwood, Torchwood is half his size.
  • It was confirmed in a tweet by Creative Director Justin Wiebe that there will not be any variants, customizations or gestures for Torchwood, along with Hover Goat-3000, due to them being bonus classes.
    • However, this is proven false due to the December 2018 Update adding 3 customizations for Torchwood: Tree-X-1000, Sugar Plum Fury and Gingerbark House.
    • Datamining has also found an ability for the Torchwood similar to that of the All-Star’s Sprint Tackle called Sprint Smash Weapon.
  • The Stickerbook description references “Purgatory.” In Catholic Doctrine this means a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.
  • His crosshair most likely resembles the top of a tree stump.
  • From December 6th 2018 onward, both Torchwood and the Hover Goat-3000 can be purchased in the Torch and Tail DLC Pack.
  • Its ability Leaf Shield resembles and shares a name with the Leaf Shield ability from Mega Man 2.


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