Training Needs Analysis On Supervising Children

Training Needs Analysis On Supervising Children

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In order to identify learning needs and evaluate aspects of specific knowledge and skills required for service delivery. It is essential to have in place a systemic approach to the development of work plans which can be used as a tool for evaluation and accountability or teams and individuals. The following table is a TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS designed to reverie educator’s SUPERVISION OF OUTDOOR PLAY. Answer the questions defined in each step in the process.

STEP 1: Defining the task: Supervision of outdoor play (3-5 year olds)

i. What is the task? – Assessing educator knowledge and skill in the use of appropriate supervision of children 3-5 years engaged in outdoor play.

ii. What are the legislative standards required?

Compliance in relation to the national quality framework,

national quality standards

education and care services national regulations 2011

Reference for staff to child ratios and qualified educators

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iii. What skills and/or knowledge are necessary for the educator to adequately perform outdoor supervision?

Policies and procedures

Related to outdoor play and supervision and the knowledge of principles of supervision

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no. of children being supervised

Activities and equipment which require special supervision for eg, play equipment, water play, sandpits etc.

iv. What, if any, are the potential risks to the educator while involved in the performance of outdoor supervision?

Weather conditions,

Any obstacles or hazards,


Any lifting, strenuous activity?

Any emergency situations

Outdoor plants


v. Who is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the educator’s knowledge and skill in the provision of outdoor supervision?

The approved provider, nominated supervisor and all educators must ensure that every child at the service is adequately

supervised (section 165).

Team leaders or highly qualified staff and director can monitor effectiveness of educators knowledge and skill in provision of outdoor supervision

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STEP 2: Observing (evaluating performance)

vi. List the items could you include on a simple observation checklist that would assist you when evaluating the educators in their supervision of the outdoor environment.

– Is educator constantly and regularly scanning the area to observe all children?

– Is there constant supervision near water?

– Are they using active supervision methods?

– Is it consistent?

– Are they preventing injury through supervision and constantly checking for risks and hazards?

– Are they observing childrens play and behaviour?

– Are they positioning equipment and arranging the environment?

vii. List 2 questions that you could ask educators to check for underpinning knowledge of supervision of the outdoor environment.

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STEP 3: Examining – What would you do with the information?

viii. What would you do with the information gathered after completing steps 1 & 2?

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STEP 4: Identifying the consequences – Possible consequences

ix. What could happen if supervision is not carried out in accordance with policy and procedures?

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STEP 5: Action plan – Steps that can be put in place

x. What steps can be put into place to ensure supervision is correctly carried out by all educators at all times?

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