Waterproofing Your Garden Shed – Blog

Waterproofing Your Garden Shed – Blog

Waterproofing Your Garden Shed - Blog

Waterproofing your garden shed is a must if you want to keep your goods in pristine condition. Preventing water and moisture from coming inside will help keep them that way. Here are a few things that you should consider to stop water from coming into your shed.



A rebated concrete slab is recommended for garden sheds to keep water out during wet weather. It also provides a solid surface giving you a secure and level foundation. A rebated slab has a step in the slab; the top part of your slab will be the floor of your shed, and the wall panels will sit on the lowered or ‘rebated’ edge.

If you’ve purchased an EasyShed garden shed, refer to your EasyShed assembly instructions for precise dimensions and diagrams, or ask one of our team members for some assistance when preparing your foundation.

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Waterproofing Your Garden Shed - Blog

Once you’ve poured your concrete slab and your garden shed is up, use a silicone sealant like Brick & Concrete Silicone or any other silicone sealant that you prefer, to seal around the inside base of your shed to further improve its water resistance. Make sure to seal from the inside to help with future drainage of water and moisture.

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Insulation is essential if you want to keep moisture out and protect the insides of your shed as well as its contents. Condensation occurs when the inside of the shed is warmer than the outside. Moisture gets trapped and once it reaches the coolest parts of the shed, usually the roof or the windows, it condenses into droplets and drips down to the floor.

To prevent moisture from getting trapped, you can use foil insulation secured to the walls and roof of your shed.  There are lots of options when it comes to foil insulation, but a thin micro-perforated wall wrap will do the job.  Alternatively, a foil ‘bubble’ style insulation like Kingspan Air-Cell for the real shed enthusiast.  If you would like a tidy finish after the insulation is in place, you can screw MDF boards in place to cover.

Roof Type

Choose the roof type best suited to your needs and the layout of your yard. Our Flat Roof Sheds will allow you to drill small holes in the channels at either the front or the back of the roof, to allow roof drainage on your preferred side and stop water from coming in.

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A Skillion roof she, on the other hand, has a higher door opening which slopes down from the door to the back wall.  This ensures effective rainwater run-off, extra headroom and greater storage capacity.

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Gable roof sheds feature the popular pitched roof design that allows rain to run off the shed, and it provides heaps of internal space.

Innovative Design

To further protect your valuables from wet weather, our proudly Australian DIY EasyShed shed kits also have uniquely designed channels that are higher on the inside of the shed, and lower on the outside. Which means, the water will never flow inside of the shed due to the lower channels at the front. You’ll never have to worry about water collecting in the U-channels. The materials that we use for our garden sheds such as the waterproof COLORBOND® steel sheets, and our innovative design makes EasySheds weather-tight and water resistant. To completely keep water out, follow these tips, and invest in an EasyShed.

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All EasyShed garden sheds found on the website come with a lifetime warranty so you know you’re covered. Our affordable and durable garden sheds are safe and simple to set up with our 5 Step Assembly. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE rolled safety edges for your protection when handling and assembling your EasyShed. Customise them with accessories such as from louvre windows, skylights, flooring systems and much more. Get an EasyShed today![external_footer]