What Colors to Paint a Kitchen

What Colors to Paint a Kitchen

Paint is an easy and affordable way to update any room, especially your kitchen. But choosing the right color can be tricky.

Before you start slapping on a color you think will work, take some time to assess the room and your vision for it. Ask yourself what vibe you’d like to create in the space. Do you want it to feel like a French bistro? A beach-inspired cooking space? More modern and sleek? Once you know which direction you’d like to go, it’ll be easier to select the best colors for the room.


Some of the most popular paint colors for kitchens include yellow, red, blue, white, green and gray. Yellow is bright and cheerful while red is intense—and both are believed to stimulate the appetite. Blue, white, green and gray are all calming colors that can help you create a bight and inviting space.

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Before you select one of these colors, it’s important to consider the cabinets you currently have or plan to use. White cabinets will look good with most colors whereas different shades of wood will complement different colors. It’s always smart to try a few colors out on your walls before you commit to them. And since your cabinets take up a large portion of your kitchen, it’s recommended that you paint your samples close to them so you can see how they work together. If you plan on getting new cabinets, it’s important to select those first and your paint color after since they’ll dictate the design of the room. If you plan to go with colorful cabinets, it’s advisable to choose a more neutral color for the walls. Or if you want to keep things fresh and clean with white cabinets, you can have more fun with the paint color you choose.

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Countertops are also important to consider when selecting paint colors. If you have a neutral-colored countertop or plan to install one, you’ll have more flexibility with the paint colors you can use. But if you plan to use a countertop that has a lot of detail in it, you might want to keep your walls more neutral so the two don’t clash.

Even the appliances you have in your kitchen can play a role in picking a paint color. By considering your cabinets, countertops and appliances when creating a color scheme, you’re more likely to select a color that will really work for the entire room.

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The resale value of your home is another important consideration when selecting paint colors for your kitchen. While you might be drawn to a really bold shade, future buyers might not find it so appealing. If you plan on selling your home some day, it’s smarter to opt for a toned-down color scheme.

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