What does Brian P say in Canada’s Worst Handyman 4 to get kicked off.?

He did start out by saying something like brian M would win canads fattest handyman for sure. I had the thing recorded on my box and you can kinda hear something like that.

He probly said something like “stay away from me or im gonna cut you into little peices with my saw. Or that he was gona put 6 inch spikes into his face. Thats all the guy knew how to do. Brian M was safe from every power tool cause brian P was a shithead with everything. Yup, a threat with a hammer, nails or a saw. That has to be the topic of the threat, also it had to be in detail, including doing something to his wife cause it freaked out the other people. He rdidnt say im going to nail your face. He went on and on most likely and got graphic. Thats what I think is going to come out.


As soon as he can Dumb *** brian P will put it up on the internet somewhere. And if he would have won it would have been lame. You dont go to a show like that and do your worst and try to be crazt ignorant.

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Plus his sons hair is stupid!!!

I Really Want to know what he said!! That Guy was a loser anyways. At least if you are annoying or dumb or whatever on a reality show like that, you learn something and want to learn something. He just hit stuff with a hammer , used roof spikes and a handsaw. He never really even cared that he sucked at anything.

It was almost like his son wanted to be on the show more then he did.

No wonder he is retired. The people he worked for most likely forced him into early retirement!!!! I Mean this guy was getting on my nerves. Even more than johnnys constant sighing!!!

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