What Is an En Suite Bathroom/Bedroom? – En Suite Definition – Architecture Beast

What Is an En Suite Bathroom/Bedroom? – En Suite Definition – Architecture Beast

What is an en suite, is it on suite or en suite, what’s the difference between en suite bathroom and en suite bedroom? Let’s clarify it!

Once you start planning your home, you might stumble into diverse world of real estate terminology. Especially when it comes to bathrooms. For example, there are names for different types of bathrooms, names and terminology for different design styles, labels for details and things you didn’t even know existed.


There is also the term “en suite”. So, what does en suite mean, what is an en suite bathroom, what is an en suite bedroom, is there any difference?

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En suite, in translation, means “attached”, “connected” or “in the room” and it’s mostly used when speaking of bathrooms. Essentially, an en suite bathroom is private bathroom connected to bedroom and has no other accesses – like from hallway, kitchen or second bedroom. Even though they can be connected to any bedroom, en suites are mostly part of master bedrooms.

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In the same context, some people like to use the term en suite bedroom which is by definition the same – a bedroom with connected private bathroom.

There are several benefits of en suite bathrooms, out of which the most evident one is greater privacy. Since they are only accessible from the bedroom they are considered to be an intimate space. For example, it is not rare for parents to have their own en suite bathroom and kids having their own. En suites are also a perfect solution for guest rooms. Additionally, they are fairly close and easily accessible at night, so you don’t have to roam around dark hallways half asleep.

The term “en suite” is also often used in hotel room description, meaning the room has its own private bathroom instead of a shared one.

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En suite bathroom is a private bathroom connected exclusively to the bedroom, often to the master bedroom or a guest room. In the same way, an en suite bedroom is a bedroom with adjoined private bathroom.


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