SOLVED:A big difference between bacterial and eukaryotic cell DNA replication involves (select the best answer below) the presence or absence of a leading and lagging stand the presence or absence of

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Okay, you want to answer this wonder. Let ‘s talk about some differences and similarities between the uh the fabric DNA replication and democratic heavy like application. so in bacteria brussels, eukaryotic. Okay, so first acknowledge of echo. Okay, the origin of replication in bacteria is going to be one christmas commitments where rejoinder is going to cure. But in eukaryotes another country multiple the origins of reproduction. So this material Vienna then it is going to open alone at one point but in D N. A from eukaryotic cells, it ‘s gon na happen at many points. Okay, so this is the beginning difference between that. I think the moment thing that I want to discuss is and winning of DNA double coil. Okay, remember that this is a double helix. Uh I think that is going to be possible for this is going to be educated for both Cases. Okay, the 3rd 1 says a stabilization of Angola and then play the position and we ‘re going to have that the protein that is going to stabilize and want contemporary sense are going to be the lapp for both of them. That is the single standard DNA binding party or SSB Okay, this is one another similarity between them. They were going to have the deduction of RNA chief because we did the application requires primary in orderliness to synthesize and die inside that is going to place the primaries is going to be the primaries besides for both of them which is another similarity between them. now, the synthesis of DNA. That means that the in person ‘s going to synthesize. deoxyribonucleic acid or understand in material is going to be D N A polymerase three. And this is how difference because in eukaryotic cells is going to be DNA polymerase alpha and besides to indeed I besides remember that in both strands or in both cases there is going to be orchestra fragments and the anything that is going to put together this harmonium development ‘s it ‘s going to be D N A perfective like is for the both of them. So this is another similarity. You think the function of the mobile of convinced ace coils ahead of advancing application push is going to be DNA polymerase absolute to policy Marie ‘s to put summaries to for both of them. Okay, so this is another similarity. And ultimately, and one deviation between them is that in property sales we are not going to have telemar ‘s because that DNA is similar, but in economic smell, they ‘re going to have a dilemma raises, okay, that one are going to prolong the tele mercy in holy order to amplify particularly or prolong that the count of television receiver that a second car. Okay, During the sales biography. So this is the patronize which