2021 Toyota RAV4 Trim Levels w

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Visit car clearance Deals, CarsDirect, NADAguides & Motortrend Before you walk into a franchise, price shop Online first. Avoid overpaying by using the following pricing services : visit The Toyota RAV4 has hanker been a popular option amongst consumers. Toyota is a brand that a draw of people feel comfortable with, and its RAV4 has a great combination of capability, versatility, and practicality. With two rows of seat, it has the feel of a traditional SUV, and it does many things better than its competitors .
Toyota makes more than a handful of different types of RAV4s. This makes the decision-making process a bunch more complicate, but this guide should hopefully provide prospective customers with the information they need to make their choices .

Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 LE vs XLE Trim Levels. What is the Difference?

First of wholly, both of the these trims come in hybrid and non-hybrid versions. This is true for many of the trims, which will be described late in this overview .
The hybrid LE and XLE use 2.5-liter engines and electric motors. Combined, these components yield 219 horsepower. Since the non-hybrid LE and XLE besides have the 2.5-liter engines but do n’t have the electric motors, it makes sense that they have less horsepower. That being said, these trims are still pretty brawny, with 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torsion .
From an efficiency point of view, the hybrids blow the others away. A hybrid RAV4 can get up to 41 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. In contrast, the LE achieves an estimate 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. The XLE is about the same ; its official estimated city fuel efficiency is 28 miles per gallon .
All-wheel drive is available on both the LE and XLE. The loanblend versions automatically come with an electronic on-demand AWD organization. Having all-wheel drive does mean that the RAV4 is n’t quite as effective, as it decreases fuel economy by about one or two miles per gallon .
That brings this discussion to how the LE reduce differs from the XLE. First, the XLE has an automatic stop/start function on its locomotive to save gas, while the LE does not. This routine does n’t affect driving at all, as it only engages when the SUV is stopped for at least a few seconds, like at a crimson light. In terms of wheels, the LE has steel ones whereas the XLE has five-spoke silver alloy ones that look a little more upscale .
There are other exterior differences angstrom well. The LE ‘s LED headlights are surrounded by black bezels, and the XLE ‘s are surrounded by chrome bezels. The XLE has integrated fog lights, and it besides has side mirrors that have heating elements, turn signal indicators, and blind spot monitors. Since the XLE comes with a Smart Key, its door handles have refer sensors that can be used to unlock and lock the doors. A moonroof is an choice on the XLE, but not on the LE .
Moving to the inside of the cabin, there are some ways in which the XLE sets itself apart from the LE. Both trims have fabric seats, but the XLE ‘s have embossed seat inserts. The XLE has a two-zone automatic pistol temperature control system, while the LE merely has a manually operated climate system. Heating elements can be put into the XLE ‘s front seats and steering wheel, if one prefers. Some minor differences are that the XLE has a cargo area cover, sliding extensions on its sun visors, and silver doorway handles rather of black ones .
Having more than one USB port can be a huge bonus given all the engineering used these days. The LE is limited to having one USB port, but the XLE has five. Both trims have seven-inch touchscreens and smartphone compatibility. They besides have Amazon Alexa and SiriusXM. The XLE can be upgraded with an eight-inch touch screen for anyone who loves having the best technology .

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Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE vs XLE Premium Trims. What is the Difference?

The XLE Premium has a batch of supernumerary dash to it, and like the XLE, it comes in hybrid and non-hybrid versions. Some of its features are apparent upon beginning glance. For case, it rides on 19-inch chrome debase wheels, and it comes standard with a baron moonroof. The height of its power liftgate can be adjusted ; this is an option on the XLE angstrom well .
The cabin of the XLE Premium has some dainty upgrades. quite than having fabric seats, it has seats trimmed in SofTex, which is a synthetic leather. Its steering rack is covered in leather rather of urethane, and its sceneshifter is covered in leather besides. available on the XLE Premium are wireless charging and a digital rearview mirror. Whereas the XLE can be upgraded with an eight-inch touch screen, the XLE Premium can be equipped with that same touch screen, along with 11JBL speakers .
From a base hit point of view, the world is that all the Toyota RAV4 trims are well equipped. They all have adaptive cruise see, pre-collision brake that can prevent accidents with cars and pedestrians, and lane trace. While the XLE is the first trim to come with blind spot and rear cross-traffic monitor, the XLE Premium is the first to have an available parking aid officiate. It can warn drivers when they ‘re getting besides conclude to objects, and it can tied hit the brakes so they do n’t make contact .

Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium vs Adventure Trim Level. What is the Difference?

With the Adventure trimming, all-wheel drive is standard. Its all-wheel drive arrangement is a more furrowed interpretation than what ‘s seen in the previous trims, making the Adventure more become for people who will hit the trails. Its system comes with Downhill Assist Control to make it easier to go down steep inclines .
Towing capacitance should be mentioned when discussing the RAV4, as some people may have big plans for their SUVs. Standard towing capability in the lower trims is 1,500 pounds, and it increases to 1,750 pounds with the hybrid powertrains. At the Adventure level, towing capacity gets bumped up to 3,500 pounds, and this is something that certain customers will pay attention to .
Like the XLE Premium, the Adventure rides on 19-inch wheels, and its wheels have a split five-spoke blueprint. black accents are found in the Adventure ‘s wheels, bumpers, and badge, and there ‘s the opportunity to get a bold, two-tone expect. however, the gamble does n’t have a sunroof like the XLE Premium does .
A driver will notice that the Adventure has a digital speedometer, while the XLE Premium ‘s is analogue. Both trims have SofTex seats, but the Adventure ‘s seats have orange accents. orange continues throughout the cabin, as it ‘s found in stitching on the doors and splashboard. available in the XLE Premium are heated front seats ; available in the gamble are heated and ventilated front seats.

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The documentary systems in these two trims are about identical. The deviation is that the Adventure has an eight-inch touch screen in comparison with the XLE Premium ‘s seven-inch interpretation .

Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Adventure vs TRD Off-Road. What is the Difference?

Thees trims have a set in common, as they ‘ve been built for people with adventurous spirits. If the Adventure seems like its spirited, the TRD Off-Road is even more so .
It has TRD-tuned suspension components to make it even more suitable for broken terrain. Its outside has TRD badge, and it ‘s the entirely trim to have a front brake shoe plate stamped with its shipshape diagnose. Some other singular things about the TRD interpretation are that it has black trim around its LED obscure lights and it has black side mirrors. Like the Adventure, the TRD Off-Road has black roof rails that are slenderly raised, and it can come with the two-tone discolor dodge .
Whereas orange is the accent color found in the Adventure, the TRD Off-Road has red accents. There is red sew in the seats, cup holders, splashboard, and doors. The TRD Off-Road does come standard with a moonroof, while the Adventure does not .
In the technology category, the Adventure sits at the like level as the TRD Off-Road. Something obtrusive, though, is that the Adventure can be upgraded with navigation .

Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road vs XSE Hybrid Trims. What is the Difference?

In an matter to motivate, Toyota has made the RAV4 in the XSE Hybrid trim, but not in an XSE non-hybrid shave. Just like the other hybrids, the XSE Hybrid uses the 2.5-liter engine and an electric motor. It can be convenient to have a car that can regenerate its own battery commission without having to be plugged into an release .
The XSE Hybrid has a more athletic feel than some of the early trims, and it has a sport-tuned suspension with amobarbital sodium traumatize absorbers. It has a blue grey front grill that looks sleek, and it comes standard with the two-tone outside color scheme. While a moonroof is standard on the XSE Hybrid, there is the option to get a bird’s-eye glass roof. This can be thought of as an extra-large moonroof, with one share that opens up either by tilting or sliding back .
Blue is the color that Toyota has picked for the XSE Hybrid ‘s accents. There is aristocratic stitching on the seats and doors, and the ambient ignition has a blue sky hue. The XSE Hybrid is the first snip in which the front seats are heated. It ‘s besides the first tailored that comes criterion with a digital rearview mirror .
One element that ‘s optional in the TRD Off-Road but not in the XSE Hybrid is a dame ‘s eye opinion television camera. possibly that ‘s because TRD Off-Road drivers might be more probable to find themselves in difficult situations .

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Compare the 2021 Toyota RAV4 XSE Hybrid vs Limited Trim Level. What is the Difference?

This comparison is a playfulness one because it illustrates how much the RAV4 has to offer. The limited clean-cut takes the RAV4 back to 19-inch wheels. Making it feel more elegant are chrome-accent door handles. One option entirely found on the Limited is a hands-free liftgate .
Some people may be surprised to hear that the Limited does n’t have leather seats. rather, Toyota has chosen to stick with the SofTex material that the XSE Hybrid and some other trims have. What the Limited has that the other trims do n’t is a epicurean night brown color schema in its cabin. Dark brown is found in the sewing, door accents, and cup holders, and it adds a contact of class to the SUV .
Heated front seats are standard on the Limited, and they can be enhanced with ventilation. even the rear seats can be heated if one wants to treat their passengers to some excess affectionateness .
Navigation is standard on the RAV4 ‘s lead snip. This is a major fringe benefit, and Limited drivers and passengers can enjoy listening to the sound coming out of the 11JBL speakers .
In terms of safety, the Limited is the only other tailored besides the TRD Off-Road to have an available boo ‘s eye view camera. It ‘s besides the only trim to have the parking assist feature that works to prevent accidents while maneuvering in close spaces .

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Which Trim to Choose?
There are quite a few choices with this vehicle, but it does n’t need to be overwhelming. This is because the trims are actually pretty unlike from each other, so there ‘s something for everyone.

To start, the hybrid models will appeal to those who want to limit their energy consumption and are uncoerced to part with a few extra thousand dollars to cover the add cost of getting a hybrid. Hybrid RAV4s handle themselves very well, and remember that they have more horsepower than their counterparts .
Those concern in tackling challenge conditions will lean towards the TRD Off-Road and Adventure. Most likely, though, the modal RAV4 customer will be looking for something more traditional. Toyota has made a range of trims available that will appeal to people with this predilection, ranging from the LE to the Limited. To be honest, the LE has a great package, with firm technology and guard components. It ‘s comfortable, authentic, and mighty, and it can offer everything that person might need .
If person wants a spot more but silent wants to be mindful of the budget, the XLE would be the trim to select. It has many convenient features, such as the Smart Key System and a power-adjustable driver ‘s induct, and it can be upgraded with evening more. It ‘s a smart pick on a lot of different levels. It can come as a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive translation, and people can get it as a hybrid if they wish .

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