Difference between Youth and Teenager

Key Difference: Youth refers to a young person, i.e. a person between childhood and adult age. On the other hand, teenager refers to someone who is specifically between the ages of 13 and 19.

In most cases the terms are interchangeable and can be used as synonym. however, the two terms to tend to have difference context and specific definitions. young person refers to a young person, i.e. a person between childhood and pornographic old age. On the other handwriting, adolescent refers to person who is specifically between the ages of 13 and 19 .
The youth is typically considered to fall in between being a child and an adult. This means that the young person can be any person who can not be counted as an adult. The terminus can besides be used to refer to the wholly young generation as one, e.g. nowadays ’ south youth, or it can refer to the qualities that are normally associated with being young, e.g. I was very energetic in my youth .
however, the definition of teenagers is identical specific. It refers to a person who is in their adolescent years, i.e. thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, so on and sol forth until nineteen. so, basically a adolescent is anyone in their adolescent years. Teenagers are under the age of being counted as an adult, hence it can be said that all teenagers are youth, but not all youth are teenagers .
In addition to the actual and technical definition of the terms, each of them besides has social implications. In that attentiveness, there is sometimes a minus connotation applied to the term adolescent. even saying the term adolescent may invoke the idea of a moody adolescent who may or may not be spoilt or fretful and complaining. Of course this is generalization and does not showcase the entirety of what it is like to be a adolescent. On the early hand, youth is silent to convey a young adult, i.e. person who is about an adult or one who is creditworthy and ripe as an adult.

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Comparison between Youth and Teenager :


  • The period between childhood and adult age.

‘ he had been a acute sport in his young person ’

  • The qualities of vigour, freshness, or immaturity as associated with being young.

‘ she imagined her youth and beauty fade ’

  • A young man.

‘ he was attacked by a crowd of youths ’

  • Young people considered as a group.

‘ black young has experienced high levels of racial discrimination ’
A person aged between 13 and 19 years .
Can refer to anyone that is young. Can be a child, a adolescent, or evening a young adult .
Refers to specifically people in their teens, such as thirteen, fourteen, etc .
Age Group
typically under the senesce of 25
Between the ages of 13 and 19.

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Supposed behavior
Mature, rational, responsible
Irrational, unfledged, irresponsible

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