Models vs. Supermodels: What’s the Difference?

The Quick Trick: A mannequin gets arrested for snorting cocaine ; a supermodel gets on the report of People for snorting cocaine .
The Explanation:
Like beauty itself, supermodeldom is in the eye of the perceiver. One day, possibly, there will be a Model Sanctioning Body that will establish clear rules for who qualifies as a supermodel—but until then we ‘ll just have to muddle our way through. The remainder between regular and super models is by and large believed to involve not money but fame : A supermodel is person whose celebrity extends outside of the fashion universe. That is to say, you do n’t have to know your Dolce from your Gabbana to know that Cindy Crawford is actually pretty .
Janice Dickinson, the thrice-divorced Surreal Life alum who wrote the literary muffin Everything About Me Is Fake. .. And I ‘m arrant, coined the terminus supermodel in 1979. therefore, she calls herself the universe ‘s first gear supermodel. But we feel that no one who always appeared on Surreal Lifeshould be legally allowed the title of “ super ”  anything. A better campaigner for first-ever supermodel might be Suzy Parker. Born in 1932, the 5’10 ” Parker ushered in the era of tall female models, starred in many ad campaigns, and appeared in the movie Funny Face with Fred Astaire. She besides became one of the first base fashion models to be truly, actually bad at acting. But being unable to act your room out of a wallpaper bag is just all function of la vita supermodel.

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Nadja Auermann: Said to have the global ‘s longest leg ( they ‘re 45 ” ), Auermann has appeared on many magazine covers, starred in a match german movies, and has her own perfume. But 1 ) these days, everybody has her own perfume, and 2 ) cipher outside of Germany can pronounce her last name. verdict : model.
Naomi Campbell: Instantly recognizable, Campbell ‘s made $ 50 million model, was one of People ‘s 50 Most beautiful People in 1991, wrote ( well, cowrote ) a fresh, and sold one million copies of her first and only album, Babywoman. ( It was a failure in America, but a single from it was a huge hit in Japan. ) Plus, she used to date Usher. verdict : supermodel.

Helena Christensen: This former Miss Denmark changed our lives everlastingly with her appearance in the music video for Chris Isaak ‘s arch Game. And she dated Leonardo DiCaprio ( although, truly, at this bespeak who has n’t ? ) in addition to appearing on the overlay of countless fashion mags. But she never managed to parlay the arch Game video into widespread fame. Nothing personal, Helena, but we ‘re gon na say : model.

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Tyson Beckford: A early gangbanger who left the streets behind to become the boldness of Calvin Klein apparel, Beckford is the highest-paid male mannequin in homo history. He besides appeared in Zoolander and 2003 ‘s Oscar-nominated Biker Boyz. What ‘s that you say ? Biker Boyz was n’t nominated for an Oscar ? Oh, well. The verdict ‘s hush : supermodel.
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