CT Scans Vs. PET Scans

CT ( computed imaging ) scans and PET ( positron emission imaging ) scans are two of the most park radiological image procedures in function today, but they are identical different procedures. The postdate list explores the differences between CT scans and PET scans, providing the most important information you need to know about these procedures .

Differences in CT and PET Testing

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  • CT scans are completed in approximately 5 minutes; PET scans may last up to 35 minutes for the test itself, plus the time it takes to prepare.
  • CT scans use X-rays, while PET’s use positrons, which are radioactive tracers
  • CT results are two dimensional (2D), while PET results are three dimensional (3D).
  • CTs are non-invasive, while PETs require the positrons to be injected.
  • CT scans provide clear images of bones and can detect abnormalities in soft tissues; PET scans provide images of biological processes within the body. Think of it as CT scans show the structures, while PET scans show how the organs and tissues within the structures work.
  • On average, CT scans can cost anywhere from $1,200 – $3,200, while PET scans generally start at $3,000. Your insurance may cover your CT or PET scan completely, cover a portion of it, or leave you responsible for full payment.
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CT and PET Scan Similarities and Uses
Both procedures are typically performed as outpatient procedures, meaning no hospital last out is required. Imaging from CT and PET scans are frequently used aboard other procedures like X-rays or MRI in ordain to maximize diagnostic and treatment electric potential.

CT scans are used to take pictures of home organs, bones, indulgent tissue, and rake vessels. They may be ordered for acuate injuries and conditions or for chronic vascular conditions. They are besides an invaluable creature in determining the claim size and location of tumors and guiding procedures to treat tumors.

Because PET scans are able to detect chemical action within your cells, they are utilitarian in diagnosing cancer. Doctors may order a darling scan to develop a proper treatment plan for heart disease, as they are able to show vascular issues that cause decreased blood menstruation to the heart. PET scans are frequently used to detect mind disorders including seizures and Alzheimer ’ second disease deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as brain tumors .
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