Word Confusion: Dock vs Pier vs Wharf

A long passage or corridor that extends from a cardinal area of a construction, specially one at an airport that leads to boarding gates To cut off the end of [ normally be docked ] Deduct something, particularly an measure of money 2 Verb, intransitive : [ Of a embark ] Tie up at a dock, particularly in order to load or drop passengers or cargo 1

A coarse weed of temperate regions, with inconspicuous green or red flowers 4 [ Law ] The enclosure in a criminal court where a defendant is placed 3 The solid bony or fleshy region of an animal ’ second tail, excluding the hair 2 A device in which a laptop calculator, smartphone, or other mobile device may be placed for charging, providing access to a power supply and to peripheral devices or aide features [ setting bobtail ] A topographic point in a field near the stage or beneath the floor of the stage for the storehouse of sceneryNoun:
There, slowly sailing towards them, was a large ship coming from the docks of Port Refuge.
I was working half-time at the docks, unloading the ship ’ second cargo boxes and supplies .
Blaise walked along the docks, holding his breath as the unfamiliar scent of pisces reached his nose, making him gag .
We drove through the long tunnel until we reach the dry docks .
Geoff was waiting for him on the rickety wooden dock that stretched out into the river .
There wasn ’ thymine very anything to look at but the loading dock to the train place .
This enhanced airdock includes a nose dock, an aircraft fuel system maintenance shop, administrative space with audio/visual league capabilities, and other support spaces .
“ Ace, the scene docks ’ ra full and they have more scenery for this show. Where do I put ’ em ? ”
People were playing music through their iPads or on phones through an ipod dock .
Jason grabbed the towels and spread them at the cad ’ south tail and dock .
The nine others in the dock font a combination of charges .
This is rarer and is normally caused by weeds such as nettles and docks, late blossoming plants and fungal spores .
Rubbing dock leaves on nettle stings helps to relieve the pain .
Verb, intransitive :
The bars scraped along the concrete land ramps as the ferry docked .
The following dawn the ship docked at the chief port of indian Island .
Wives of seamen could merely visit their husbands when his ship docked at its family port.

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Verb, transitive :
The Quays welcomed two Galway Hooker sailing boats and a flotilla of sailing vessels were docked at Albert Basin .
They learn how to fish, including how to bait the addict, marry knots and fishing gear harness, even back up a trailer and dock a gravy boat .
He docked his gravy boat at a sub-divisional town at dawn .
Most spaceships docked at the orbital transit station .
The exploiter wants to dock a portable into a desktop computer .
The agency enforces payments by docking money from the church father ’ randomness wage .
Their tails were docked .
However, visits to arcades on piers or family amusement centers suggest that this form of gambling is no longer conducted within a family environment.
The shops weren ’ t as dear, there were no amusement arcades, and no pier or beach .
The newsworthiness of the overspend comes as work continues at the land end of the pier to build a raw entrance bridge across the road .
The grounds include a boat shed and pier with river and lake frontages, ampere well as lawn areas and a count of ripen shrub .
The harbor capture itself was guarded by two breakwater piers of heavy sandstone construction for most of their length .
It has supported a proposal for the provision of a low cost end D pier at Dublin Airport .
The psychoanalysis will besides result in a recommendation for the maximum end-bearing pressure for bedrock piers .
The piers are designed as hollow box sections with an average altitude of 25 molarity .
versatile basis types have been adopted to support the bridge piers and abutments .
The two piers between the windows are adequate in width .
Upon approaching the locate, the independent iron gates are anchored with brick piers and cast pit finials that frame the construct beyond .
In an interview, Clifford Palacio said that employment included work in the fields and also on wharves loading ships.
In addition there are historic artifacts, submerged wharves and docks, and natural features like caves and reefs to explore .
meanwhile, helicopters buzz overhead providing air cover charge, and teams of divers are besides checking wharves and jetties at the interface of Umm Qasr itself.

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Wharfs are frequently considered to be a series of docks in which boats are stationed .
I ’ ll meet you down at the wharf at 8 .
There ’ mho nothing like eating cancer and sourdough boodle at Fisherman ’ s Wharf .