SOLVED:Explain the difference between saturated and unsaturated solutions.

Video Transcript

Hi in this question we are asked about the dispute between a saturated and unsaturated solution. So first of all let ‘s just go with a fiddling bite of solution vocabulary. A solution is defined as a salute, dissolved in a solvent. Uh huh. Some of the most park solutions in chemistry are going to be solids dissolved in body of water solutions can occur between any two states of topic. But in chemistry we work a lot with solids dissolved in body of water. So let ‘s take a bigger and I ‘m going to put some body of water in here and then I ‘m going to Sprinkle some and a C. L. Or mesa salt in here. so for a few moments that table salt will sit on the bottom. But then as we stir this solution up that sodium chloride will dissolve into solution. so if all of it dissolves into solution, this would be an unsaturated solution. Yeah. All right. Which means it can still hold more salute. Yeah. Mm. Okay. so after a while we keep adding sodium chloride to this solution and we keep stirring it and it keeps dissolving. But finally at some point we are going to add another batch of sodium chloride to this water. Okay. And we ‘re going to find that that sodium chloride that we added falls to the bottom and regardless how a lot we stir it at this temperature, the rest of that salt will not dissolve. This is a saturated solution. It has dissolved as much salute as it can hold under these conditions. And I say under these conditions because if we change temperature, we could increase this soluble bility. Um sometimes press affects sally ability. But the point is at this point the solution is saturated, It is holding arsenic much salyut as it can anymore salute. We add is going to fall to the buttocks, adding a little spot more concept to this. It looks like the salt on the bottom. Is just sitting there. actually. What ‘s happening is some of it is placid dissolving but at the same time some other saw youth that was dissolved is precipitating second out what we have is another condition here a dynamic equilibrium. But to our naked eye, just watching this, we ca n’t see that going on. We just see salt sitting in the bottom. So we know this is a saturated solution unsaturated. We could calm put more in there and it will placid dissolve. And again remember this is dependent upon the conditions. All right. But that would be the difference between a saturated solution and an unsaturated solution saturated unsaturated preferably can distillery dissolve more salute. Whereas saturated has american samoa a lot firm dissolved as is possible under these specific conditions. Okay, thanks indeed much for watching. Yeah.