Chi Keratin Silk Infusion Keratin and Silk Reconstructing Complex

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Definite Beauty Staple!

presently, my hair is recovering from a lot of damage it ‘s endured from coloring, bleach, and heat. Although I ‘ve since adapted easy methods of caring for my hair, the damage is still present and as a consequence I deal with a distribute of breakage and shedding. The Keratin Silk Fusion has been a LIFE SAVER. Saying it just makes my hair “ soft ” is an understatement because let me tell you — MY HAIR HAS N’T BEEN THIS SOFT SINCE I WAS A CHILD. The first time I used this intersection I could NOT stop petting my hair — it ‘s charming in a bottle. I actually prefer this over the original ( red bottle ) Chi Silk Infusion. If you have dangerous price or issues with finding a serum that does n’t weigh you hair down, then I would decidedly recommend this times one hundred .

Most Helpful Critical Review

Overpriced serum

This serum smells good but the odorize is not retentive lasting.Not entirely is this overpriced but its full of bad silicones.This didnt make my hair glazed nor did it help for frizz.I didnt see any results that would make my hair’s-breadth feel like silk.

Reviewed by 135 customers

Amazing literally

5 Sanya from Texas amazing merchandise. My hair felt so polish and easy. It tames crimp immediately. Almost my favorite hair product now .

left hair silky and shiny

5 jera from pueblo I tried the full tune today, chi keratin shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and this keratin Silk serum. I added a hard water shampoo before, and Tgin miraclerx thick conditioner for an hour after the chi conditioner. coke dried, added Bumble compensate heating system protectant to dry hair’s-breadth, apartment ironed on 290. my hair came out supernumerary delicate, satiny, and bright compared to other hair smoothing lines I ‘ve tried. my hair is very well, thinly, long, crinkled 2b. this keratin production line is supposed to be lighter weight than the red capital original qi production line. do n’t be afraid to put extra leave-in and serum on your ends .

Bleached hair lifesaver

5 Kat from USA Does miracles for bleached hair. Used this a couple washes after bleaching and my hair has been soft for months. moisture was locked in and even after using clarifying shampoo, my hair was not dry or brittle .

Fixed my hair

5 Mia from Evansville, IN My hair was badly therefore fry before I used this. It was perpetually crisp, dry, and dull. After using this my hair is revitalized and absolutely beautiful. so soft, bright, and looks so goodly. It actually fixed my haircloth. I was so frighten I was going to have to chop it all off to get it to look healthy again. Nope ! not after using this. I was therefore insecure about my discredited hair’s-breadth before I used this. I am obsess. I am always hesitant to believe reviews, but I promise that this is 110 % worth it .

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Makes my hair so shiny

5 Lil_deep from Oklahoma City, OK A little goes a farseeing way with this product ! It ‘s oil based therefore adding besides much will make your hair greasy. Use barely the right measure and you will love it. It makes my hair’s-breadth so glazed and healthy ! sometimes I use it before I straighten my hair’s-breadth and sometimes I use it after. I prefer to use it on dry hair’s-breadth because I can gauge how a lot to use and not worry about making my hair excessively greasy. I have reasonably dry haircloth and I decidedly like how hydrating this product it. I recommend it !

Holy Grail!

5 Yuri from New Jersey I bought this serum a few days ago and I used it deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as I got it in the mail. I washed my hair’s-breadth precisely like I regularly do, towel dried, used my redken anti-snap leave-in, and then I applied a small total of this from medium to ends. I do have a lot of hair’s-breadth, very crinkled, not excessively thick but not thin either. But man I got ta say that my haircloth never looked this glistening and felt thus voiced after boast drying it, it feels like I paid crazy amount of money at the salon for a dominican runaway lol that ‘s how good my haircloth looks. This will have a especial put in my hair products drawer forever and always .


5 buy it from quarter, gallium this serum literally fixed my break hair. my hair’s-breadth is then soft and smells so good. i try olaplex, but it made my hair’s-breadth slender fast, but this material worked so well. if you are thinking about buying it, just do it. besides, iodine paired this with the leave-in conditioner, so one recommend that combination .

OMG! I love this product.

5 A from Baltimore, Md. I use this product every morning and nox. It keeps my hair’s-breadth accomplishable and very piano .

In combination of the leave in

5 Nii from San Francisco, CA This product is amazing ! I have honestly tried multiple “ natural hair’s-breadth ” products because my hair is in truth curly and I have n’t had anything that moistured and sealed moisture compared to this complex and the leave-in from the lapp wrinkle. The only hair worry products, at least for me, that would come close to this level of moisture is ayurvedic herb ( henna, alma, bharinga, etc ). I did n’t tied have to use heat/steam before I felt effects. I will say that the building complex felt better after getting a keratin smoothing treatment .


5 ash from Madison, GA just buy it ridicule

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Love, love, love!

5 meme from Clarksville, Tennessee After I have washed my hair and towel dried my haircloth I add a very small measure ( size of pea ) rub it between my hands, then I add it to my ends. Of corse it ‘s always best to allow your hair’s-breadth to air out dry if you can. After my hair’s-breadth is dry I take once again a small total size of pea and go through the rest of my hair being mindful not to add it to my roots

Silky smooth hair!

5 Babygirl from michigan I NEVER write reviews, but this product is seriously my holy place grail when iodine straighten my hair’s-breadth. this makes your haircloth badly so piano ! my hair has never felt this satiny before, my sister wouldnt break complimenting how soft it felt.

Love it!!

5 AnnieLisa from Minnesota I have been using this product for awhile immediately and I can not go without it. It smells so beneficial and very softens my hair. It is hard to find something that works with my hair since it is identical thick and I have hard water. This is my holy place grail and the Kenra Blow-Dry Spray of course .

Terrible Product

1 Suzy from Asheville, NC Does n’t work at all to smooth and prevent crisp hair. Keratin is supposed to smooth hair. I think this made my hair even more crisp !

Repaired my fried hair!

5 NoMoreFrizz from Alabama I have been transitioning from brown to my natural white/gray color for the past few months, which has included lots of highlighting to get to platinum blond. I just recently applied highlights for the last time hopefully, and there were parts that were literally fried to a kinky frizz. I decided to try this product and I am wholly amazed at how soft and polish my hair’s-breadth is after equitable one use. I besides have slender haircloth and was afraid it would be flat after using such a hard conditioner, but rather it seems compact. identical felicitous with this purchase !

in love♡♡♡

5 Alyse R. from Austin, Texas This intersection is a want. my hair’s-breadth absolutely adores it. I have crinkled haircloth that gets reasonably crisp, to the point I want to straighten just to stop the friz- with this merchandise I can wear my hair’s-breadth naturally. It compliment my waves with a shine and maintains the frizz. my hair feels softer excessively, besides it smells amaze. love this stuff, will be a religious buyer .

Must Have!

5 Cheryl from Missouri I will never go without this product … .ever ! My only regret is not finding it oklahoman ! It keeps my coil soft, in human body and free of crimp. It ‘s lightweight and never greasy or weighs my hair/curls down. Just a small total goes a long way. It has repaired and saved my damaged haircloth. Some people have said it is dearly-won but I do n’t agree. I ‘ve been using the same bottle casual since I got it 5 months ago and distillery have about half the bottle left. Go scram yours immediately !

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Great product no doubt

5 Tiky from Concord Ca Use very little besides much may leave it looking greasy. function after washing your hair is best or dry hair works besides ! Smells fantastic

love it!

5 tellurium from TN I have farseeing, slurred, and identical dry hair’s-breadth. It can be identical coarse as well. I got to where I could lay down for 15 minutes and the integral back of my hair would be matted. My hairdresser recommended on top of the leave-in conditioner I was using. I love it ! I have used the Keratin interpretation and the original. I like the Keratin one better just because of the olfactory property, but they both do the lapp thing. I still have slightly crisp hair, but honestly, that is barely my hair. It truly has kept my hair from mating up and cuts down on the coarseness of my haircloth. I decidedly would reccomend it !


5 Cindy from Bethlehem, PA This product is fantastic. Left my hair’s-breadth smooth and glazed, not greasy or oily .

Seriously amazing

5 Rachael from Salt lake City Best stuff ever ! My stylist uses this and after having my hair colored I bought some. My hair’s-breadth has always been healthy, but this good adds then much fall and makes it so soft. Smells great. My hair is super buttery but this is thus light and does not build up. Love it ! !

I would definitely purchase this product again

5 Calinana from West Covina, Ca I love this merchandise. It has kept my haircloth from being damage with all dying I ‘ve done to my hair it still maintains it shine and has remained impregnable

Damaged dull hair

5 Hailey from Connecticut Decided to try this after my hairdresser suggested to start using products with keratin in them. merely bleached my hair’s-breadth once again for silver highlights so it had been feeling dry and looking dull, but after using this my hair is indulgent silky and smells amazing ! I have received therefore many compliments on how soft and healthy my hair’s-breadth looks and how good it smells !

I will be using this every time I straight my hair

5 Auja from State college public address system You only need that slightest bit of this product and it works so perplex.

Love this

5 Jess from Maryland Use it after my shower to help control crimp and total shine. Very placid and satiny

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