Condo vs. Apartment: Which One Should You Choose When Renting?

For those who are equitable embarking on the renting travel, the gamble comes with a million questions. If you find yourself in this site, the very beginning questions that might pop in your head would be how much it costs and what you can get for the money. This gets us to the future doubt, condominium vs. apartment – which one is the best fit for you ? sol, let ’ s find some answers .

What is a condo?

A condominium or condominium is a type of individual residence in a building or community which is owned by one individual who besides acts as a landlord. The units have a very clear structure and an across-the-board list of amenities that might include access to pools, fitness centers, BBQ areas and many other perks that normally come with living in a community. Given the fact that the owner is the landlord, he/she would have an incentive in investing more time and money in the property and adding all kinds of useful and excite amenities. It ’ second besides possible that the owner might have lived in the unit before deciding to rent it out therefore the place could carry his/her own personal touch. besides, since the owner is the landlord, he/she could be more uncoerced to allow certain modification to the family or negotiate some items on your lease .

Are condos cheaper than apartments?

Long fib short, no, the cost of renting a condominium is normally similar to that of renting an apartment. The only difference between a condominium and an apartment is in the way you make your monthly payments. Condos are managed by a Homeowners ’ Association ( HOA ) and there are HOA fees for living in a condominium, meaning that rent will include both the utilities and the fees for the sustenance of coarse areas. however, when renting an apartment, you would have no HOA fees and utilities will not be included in the rip .

What’s the difference between a condo and an apartment?

inaugural, the basics. Apartments are function of buildings containing multiple rental units, sometimes organized as a community, and the buildings are much managed by a professional company. On the other handwriting, condominium are besides separate of buildings with multiple units, but each unit is typically owned by a different person .
Apartments in a rental build are normally designed in the like way and have alike layouts, amenities, and decorations, while condominium carry the owner ’ s personal taste and partake. Most condos are well-cared after, sometimes showcasing dainty designs, modern appliances, and high-end finishes .
Another thing you should know is that apartments are managed by professional companies, meaning that there is normally 24h care available for whenever something goes wrong in the home. however, living in a condominium means that you would depend on the owner ’ s handiness and willingness to help out if any care is needed. For condominium, you might tied have to pay the care costs yourself, but it very depends on the owner. Keep in mind that even if the landlord agrees to cover the alimony costs, he/she could take longer to make repairs.

There ’ south besides the possibility of buying a condominium if the owner is selling. That ’ second never the case with apartments since, as we mentioned before, they are owned and managed as an entire build up or community. In case the condominium is sold, you might find yourself having to look for another dwelling as the new owner might not be bequeath to continue renting it. In this attentiveness, the safest option when faced with the condominium vs. apartment riddle would be to go with the latter, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate plan on buying anytime soon .

Condo vs. apartment – Take your pick

Most people would prefer renting in a place professionally managed by a company because they are expected to be more organized and experienced in dealing with different situations ( alimony, paying the rip, fees ). however, living in a condominium has its advantages arsenic well. You may find a condominium in a beautiful build up, with outstanding amenities and unique designs. Fair warning, some HOAs are not in privilege of owners renting out their units, therefore, finding a condominium for rip might prove to be a unmanageable undertaking .
Depending on which one you choose, you besides need to get specific policy. Although both apartment and condominium policy policies normally cover personal property damage, condominium indemnity besides adds build coverage. Make sure you check the policy and what it covers to choose the proper one for your situation.


deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as inventory goes, nationally, you ’ re much more probably to find a wider excerpt of apartments for rent than condominium. According to our study about construction, approximately 346,000 new apartments were delivered in 2017 with the majority of them being built in Texas. If you ’ re volition to relocate, make certain to head towards cities like New York, NY, Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX or Los Angeles, CA where the count of newly apartments exceeded the 13,000 threshold during 2017 .

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