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Getting Started

How do I order Products

There are three ways of ordering Young Nails products. The first is through an empower Young Nails distributor. Go to Locate Distributor on the vane site and find the nearest dealer in your area. There is a telephone count or electronic mail address for you to get in direct contact with the right person. Second, is on-line shopping. For those areas in the United States where Young Nails in not offered, customers can register on-line and begin shopping after they have been approved by our customer service department. It normally takes about 1 day for on-line approval. last, the third direction of ordering is by calling direct. Our toll detached number is 1-800-777-9170. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be more then happy to assist you directly .


What is the best way to achieve perfect smile lines?

There are two ways of achieving smile lines : traditional application and Reverse application. The fastest and easiest way to learn is by mastering the Reverse proficiency. This is a Young Nails trademarked proficiency that had proven successful around the global. The greatest profit of the proficiency is cleanliness. Glitter or colored gunpowder can be applied without worrying about whether it will get on the pinpoint go to bed. You are guaranteed a faster and sharper attend all the clock !

What is the right size of acrylic pearl to pick up for the Reverse Application?

The right size of pearl is about half the size of the pinpoint plate. Placing the product at the cuticle area and letting it run towards the rid edge is going to guarantee proper thickness at the stress area. You can get the merchandise to self degree toward the stress area if the finger is pointing down. If you are looking down the barrel of the nail down after the application, the thickness should be the same across from side to side .

What is the difference in Core and Speed systems set times?

Finding the perfective consistency depends on how much liquid-to-powder is assorted. Getting a controlled application can prevent the product from running or drying besides cursorily. If there is besides much fluent, press the back of the brush onto the paper towel for 1 second to remove any supernumerary liquid. The pearl should not have any dry powder around the edges before lotion. If it ’ sulfur excessively wet, the product will stick to the brush while pressing it into rate. You should be able to press the product perfectly into plaza without the product sticking to the brush, running into the cuticles, or drying before bonding to the lifelike nail.

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Acrylic Setting Times Core (Medium to Fast)

1:30 minutes before there is no motion
4:30 before the product can be filed

Speed (Fast)

1:00 hour before there is no movement
4:00 minutes before the product can be filed

When would you use one system over the other?

When performing a particular serve in the salon, a smash technician may attempt to use one application to perform multiple tasks for which the application was unintended. Knowing which application to use on a node in any given situation can pose challenge questions. Most pinpoint technicians will find that one application technique is insufficient to accommodate every site. Young Nails will help you explore and understand in these situations, which techniques have proven effective and which have, after years of trial and error, failed to prove successful. Are acrylic nails the best choice in this situation ? Or would gel be a better option ? possibly a combination of both ? Remember, if a breeze through technician chooses the proper overture the first clock, he or she will save time and win the loyalty of the client. Success has always been built upon a foundation of cognition .

Recognizing the Need

Most much, the newly collar node ’ s natural nails are not in estimable form. This is why the customer is looking to you for a breeze through enhancement service. You will normally encounter nail plates that are flat, splay, or offer absolutely no detached edge with which to perform your magic. then there are the ill-famed nail biters ! If this is the subject, the application of an acrylic system enables you to cast or reshape the nail bed into an attractive first base specify of nails with beneficial constitution and forte. A customer ’ s life style can normally determine what system suits her natural nails. For exemplar, if the customer plays sports or tends to pick at her nails, she will have greater success with the durable acrylic. The tighter adhere of acrylic may stand up better than that of gelatin. In accession to working on the nails, the technician ’ south job besides becomes a serve of acute observation in deciding whether acrylic or mousse will provide the best alliance and lastingness for the client ’ second life style. In the fresh nail service, you will find that in some cases sculptured acrylic fiber will be the best new collar lotion choice. Acrylic will let you reshape the nail down plate, ensuring the strongest pinpoint extension while having to work with fiddling or no natural barren edge. once you have a beneficial start of two or three nail fills and the results are friendly in the reshape procedure, starting your fills with gel often works well. In many cases you may find gel bonds better than acrylic due to its flexibility and nonporous feature. With the chemistry Young Nails has to offer you in both our Acrylic and Gel systems, your options are illimitable. Your choices will be based on which options you like to work with once the breeze through fills become the ongoing service. Remember Young Nails is about choices and we help you make good ones ! experiment, have fun, and constantly ask questions !

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What is the shelf life of liquid and powders?

Young Nails acrylic liquid and powders have a ledge life of 12 months when stored in optimum conditions ( Room temperature and no direct sun fall ) .

Can you mix the powders to create custom blends?

That is the beauty of Young Nails, you can custom mix your own colors. Whether you customize the pink acrylics or colored acrylics, the possibilities are dateless.


Can I use Finish on top of Mani•Q?

You can not use eat up on peak of Mani Q because the seal is to hard. Mani Q is a easy gel. Because of its nature, putting a hard seal on the open can create spider cracks on the surface .

Imagination Art

What is the mix ratio for mixing glitter into acrylic?

The arrant mix ratio is 3:1. 3 parts Speed clear to 1 separate glitter. This is going to give you the best workability. Use a 1/4 oz ( 7g ) jar and fill the Speed Clear fair under the neck. then, fill the rest of the clash with glitters of your option. Its courteous to choose colors that will work well together. For example, Jet Black, Rock Star, and Silver are a perfective combination for stunning black absolve edge .

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How much of the liquid art drops do I use?

You can use as much or a fiddling as you want. Our drops are arrant pigmented monomer. You can use it about straight or dilute it for a more bluff effect when used in combination with net powder. Make certain you use a separate Dappen Dish and brush to prevent color contamination between lotion .

Build Your Business Workshop

What Materials do I need for this class?

No materials are necessary for this class though we do recommend having a your social media accounts already set up, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn .

Do I already need to be in business to take this class?

You do not need to already own a business to take this class. even if you are thinking of opening your own business you should take this class.

Do I need a Cosmetology License to take this class?

You do not need a license to take this classify. Though the class focuses on the smasher industry the techniques and applications covered in this class can help all Business Entrepreneurs in every diligence .

How do I register for this class?

bid ( 714 ) 992-1400 .

I have owned a business for over 20 years do I really need this class?

Yes Social Media has changed the commercial enterprise environment for effective. If you are not using Social Media Marketing in your business you should take this class .

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