Legalization vs. Decriminalization of Marijuana

By Reddin & SingerLighter* There has been a set of debate surrounding the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis throughout the United States. Some states allow the consumption of medical marijuana, while states like Colorado and Washington have even legalized amateur use of the drug. Legislators in many cities, municipalities, and states are pushing proposals for decriminalization in the approaching ballots. While the consider about “ legalization ” and “ decriminalization ” forges ahead, the terms are much mistakenly used interchangeably. however, there is more than just a semantic difference between the two. legalization would mean that one may possess or use the drug according to the guidelines and limitations governing cannabis use. typically, these guidelines will be codified by a state codified that will express the amount of cannabis an individual can possess. If cannabis is legalized in a particular state of matter, individuals using marijuana as allowed under state law will not face any criminal charges because they will not be engaging in any illegal activeness. Decriminalizing marijuana would not mean individuals can use the drug with impunity. rather, decriminalization merely means that individuals possessing or using marijuana will be subject to punishment in the shape of a ticket preferably than a imprison conviction. In other words, marijuana use will not result in a criminal record and possible jail time.

Wisconsin does not presently have laws legalizing cannabis for medical or amateur purposes. Under Wisconsin law, the possession and distribution of marijuana is illegal. If you have the drug in your self-control or are caught driving under the influence of marijuana, you could face stiff penalties, including a fine and likely jail time. The severity of the penalty will depend on the come of cannabis in an individual ’ mho possession vitamin a well as whether he or she intended to sell that marijuana. It is authoritative to note that there is no minimum total of marijuana that is required for an individual to be convicted of a criminal offense. In other words, if you have a very small amount of marijuana, you can distillery be charged for possession. additionally, the second offense will be a felony. If a person is convicted of a felony, he or she will not be able to possess or own any firearm for the rest of his or her animation. The practical implications of these laws are that cannabis possession of angstrom fiddling as two joints ( one for the first conviction, and one for the moment ) could lead to an individual being designated as a convicted criminal. If you or person close to you has been arrested for a drug charge, it is imperative mood to contact an know lawyer. At Reddin & Singer, our highly skilled Milwaukee drug crimes attorneys will work diligently to protect your rights. We will help assess the merits of your event and determine the most allow course in terms of avoiding a criminal conviction. We understand that facing any type of condemnable charge is nerve-racking for you and your family, which is why we are committed to handling your case with the utmost compassion. For more data, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at ( 414 ) 271-6400.