Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress: What’s the Difference?

Euro top and pillow top mattresses were created to provide sleepers with a plush so far supportive bed, but what ’ s the dispute between the two ?
Both Euro and pillow top mattresses contain an extra layer of padding to increase comfort, but the application of this layer differs, creating a rebuff variation in find and appearance. For model, pillow tops are soft while Euro tops display a streamlined look .

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In this article, we will continue to compare Euro crown and pillow top mattresses to distinguish the alone features, benefits, and drawbacks of each .

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow tops have an excess layer of padding sew immediately to the top of the mattress cover. The stitch attaching the extra layer to the mattress cover is placed just before each edge of the bed. consequently, the edges of the pillow top are not absolutely aligned with the edges of the actual mattress. This type of construction creates a little gap and v-shaped pitting between the extra layer and open of the mattress. If you are having fuss picturing it, imagine a giant pillow, resting on the top of your bed, therefore the name “ pillow top. ”
Pillow tops can be found on all types of mattresses, but are most coarse on beds with naturally firm support cores, like innerspring coils. This is because the extra padding enhances the softness and cushion of leap beds to provide press relief for heavier body parts, such as the hips and shoulders. Designed with contour in mind, pillow tops are broadly crafted from softer materials, like memory foam, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill .
Let ’ s take a spirit at the benefits and drawbacks of a pillow top mattress .

Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress

  • Pillow tops can drastically improve the softness and contouring abilities of an innerspring mattress.
  • The extra layer creates a barrier between the coil support core and sleepers, adequately reducing motion transfer.
  • Pillow top mattresses cushion and relieve pressure points without sacrificing the support of an innerspring bed. This maximizes spinal alignment while distributing body weight to prevent and decrease back pain.

Drawbacks of a Pillow Top Mattress

  • Innerspring mattresses are known to be breathable, but a top layer of foam, wool, or fiberfill will decrease airflow, creating a hotter sleeping environment than expected.
  • The pillow top bears the brunt of movement because it rests on top of your mattress. This may cause it to lose shape, sag, or shift too soon.

What Is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattresses are technically a type of pillow circus tent mattress because they have extra pad to enhance balminess. however, they are different from standard pillow tops because the extra layer of pad is stitched beneath the mattress cover quite than sewn to the top of it .
A Euro top ’ sulfur craft levels the comfortable layer with the edges of the mattress, creating a stack and uniform appearance. It besides eliminates the col and v-shaped indent found between the excess layer and mattress binding in conventional pillow tops. No gap in material means less room for sinking and more room for pad, resulting in a thick more supportive sleep together .
Like pillow tops, Euro tops are besides made from a type of foam, wool, or fiberfill and normally found on innerspring mattresses to enhance cushion and pressure point relief .
Below, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a Euro peak mattress in specific .

Benefits of a Euro Top Mattress

  • Unlike pillow tops, there is no gap or v-shaped indentation to sink further into because Euro tops are stitched beneath the mattress cover. The construction results in a more supportive feel.
  • Euro tops are better supported by the bottom layers of the mattress because they lie directly atop them, making them less likely to shift out of place. They are also protected by the mattress cover, enhancing durability.
  • Euro tops are designed to be even in width with each layer of the mattress, offering better edge support and a cleaner look.
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Drawbacks of a Euro Top Mattress

  • Euro tops rest below the mattress cover, on top of the mattress’s other layers. These layers reinforce the additional padding, and this can sometimes prevent a Euro top from contouring as effectively as a pillow top.
  • The contemporary construction enhances durability and aesthetic appearance, resulting in a higher price point than pillow tops.

How to Choose Between a Euro Top Mattress and Pillow Top Mattress

As mentioned above, Euro lead and pillow top mattresses have unique benefits and drawbacks. If you are having perturb choosing between the two, consider your preferences surrounding the follow .

  • Softness: Pillow tops are generally softer than Euro tops because the absence of material between the add-on layer and mattress cover allows sleepers to sink further into the bed. This also results in superior contouring and pressure relief—a good choice for anyone with painful pressure points.
  • Motion isolation: Euro tops are thicker and better at absorbing your or your sleep partner’s movements before they transfer across the bed. Euro tops may be the best option for anyone who frequently tosses and turns, and they make great mattresses for couples because they’re better at isolating motion than regular pillow tops.
  • Durability: Euro tops are more durable than sewn-on pillow tops because they are stitched beneath the cover, making them flush with the edges of the mattress and thus, less likely to flatten, sag, or shift.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Euro tops blend in with the mattress and may be more aesthetically pleasing, especially after extensive use.

Other Factors to Consider

As previously mentioned, pillow tops can be crafted from memory foam, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill—all of which posse unlike feels. The composition of your pillow exceed will affect the overall motion isolation, contouring, lastingness, and breathability of your mattress .

Pillow Top Material

In this department, we will discuss how normally used pillow peak materials affect the above features on a sleep together .

Memory Foam Pillow Top

memory foam maximizes blackmail easing because it entirely reacts to heat and pressure. This means it will cushion and carry the heaviest parts of your body, such as your hips and shoulders, making it a commodity choice for sleepers with painful pressure points. Memory foam pillow tops besides succeed at isolating apparent motion. When sleepers move at night, the memory foam will absorb their motion before it reaches the handbuild hold core and transfers across the bed .
These qualities make pillow tops made from memory foam best for side sleepers needing easing near their hips and shoulders, anyone with back pain, shoulder pain, or pelvis pain, or easy sleepers with a frequent-moving sleep partner .
however, a common ailment surrounding memory foam is its leaning to retain body estrus. Although today ’ south grocery store offers a variety show of more breathable options, traditional memory foam is dense, making it unmanageable for air to flow freely through the material .

Latex Foam Pillow Top

Latex foam is slenderly firmer than memory foam. Latex can be composed of natural latex, synthetic latex paint, or a blend of the two, but natural latex paint is the best option. This is because it is harvested from the sap of a rubber tree, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Natural latex ’ randomness lack of synthetic materials besides makes it more breathable, but let ’ s talk about its feel .
Latex is a form of arctic and is naturally bouncy and dense. While its bounce-like nature increases responsiveness, it does not isolate motion american samoa well as early foams, particularly when combined with bouncy coils. Its density proves durable, but besides creates a firmer find best for heavy sleepers .
The sustainability, resilience, and sturdiness of natural latex foam is best for eco-conscious consumers or fleshy sleepers yearning for a rebuff increase in unfitness and blackmail relief .

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Wool Pillow Top

Pillow tops made from wool are softer than both memory foam and latex foam. Wool is like to memory foam when it comes to pressure relief. however, it lacks support. The support you receive will come entirely from the congress of racial equality of your mattress, and although soft, wool does not contain any properties fit to isolate motion.

Euro Top vs. Pillow Top
however, it is sustainable. It comes from the coating of a sheep or capricorn and acts as a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is besides inordinately durable. This lastingness tends to increase the price of products containing wool .
These types of pillow tops are best for sleepers wanting a significantly softer innerspring mattress .

Fiberfill Pillow Top

Fiberfill is a blend of polyester and early man-made materials meant to mimic down, or feathers. The manipulation of synthetic materials makes fiberfill less breathable than other products. These types of pillow tops are besides the least durable and most probably to flatten or sag .
Like wool, fiberfill does not contain contouring abilities, but its easy feel will placid adequately remedy imperativeness from your hips and shoulders .
Pillow tops made from fiberfill are a full option for anyone seeking a soft, supportive, and low-cost mattress .
It should not go without saying—the construction and substantial of a pillow top entirely does not make a mattress right for you. While a pillow top can surely complement a mattress, the resoluteness level, support core, and substantial of your entire bed is better fit to meet the needs of your unique sleeping position and soundbox type. consequently, these components will have a more meaning shock on the quality of your sleep than pillow top type .


Can pillow top mattresses be flipped?

Pillow tops are only sewed to the surface of the seam, so flipping your mattress will require you to sleep directly on top of a fixed coil support core, resulting in discomfort. alternatively of flipping your mattress and sleeping on the coils of your layer, rotate your mattress 180 degrees once every three months to even out wear and tear .
To “ rotate ” a mattress, you just turn the mattress so the foot of your bed becomes the head of your bed and vice versa. systematically rotating your mattress will curb sag by preventing profound body imprints from you and your collaborator ’ south sleeping situation .

What type of sleepers should use pillow top mattresses?

Pillow top mattresses are best for side sleepers because they offer extra cushion. Since side sleepers place a majority of their body burden on the hips and shoulders, they normally enjoy the extra consolation of a pillow top more than back and stomach sleepers. alternatively of pillow tops, back and stomach sleepers normally like to sleep on firmer mattresses. We typically recommend latex and loanblend mattresses for these sleepers .

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Are memory foam or pillow top mattresses better?

memory foam mattresses are composed of more durable materials, lasting about 4 years longer than pillow acme mattresses. Given their improved lastingness, memory foam mattresses are besides much more expensive than pillow tops .
While memory foam mattresses outlast pillow top beds, it is difficult to determine either as better because each has a unique feel designed to meet the needs of different sleepers. The mattress you select will come down to your particular circumstances and preference .
For example, most pillow top mattresses have an innerspring defend core, much firmer and more responsive than memory foam, making them the bed best for heavy sleepers seeking a delicate so far supportive mattress. On the contrary, memory foam conforms to sleepers ’ bodies to a greater extent than pillow tops to optimize relief and provide a bed fit for sleepers with irritating pressure points .

How thick are pillow top mattresses?

Mattress brand and type can affect the acme of your bed. Most mattresses range from 8 to 14 inches chummy, but a pillow top can add 2 to 4 more inches .
If you are interest in measuring the thickness of your mattress, plainly place the begin of a tape bill at the lowest seam of your mattress and extend it to the highest steer, or where you lie. The number of inches represents how thick your mattress is .
If you have a pillow top mattress, completing this measurement is important to do before buying bedding material because the add thickness may call for larger sheets .

How long do pillow top mattresses last?

Pillow top mattresses have a significantly shorter lifespan than every other type of mattresses, lasting an average of 3 to 5 years. Although Euro tops fare better than pillow tops, both are basically non-removable mattress toppers. The structure, substantial, and concentration of pillow tops are not designed to sustain years of use, entirely .
however, because you can not remove pillow tops, you are forced to endure a flatten coat and sagging edges once the pillow clear wears out ; or, the alternative is to invest in an entirely new go to bed. Although a pillow exceed tends to deteriorate much faster than other mattress types, shopping for one with guarantee coverage inclusive of sagging may prove beneficial to the above scenario. It will besides more than likely prevent you from buying a low-quality pillow lead lasting even shorter than expected .


If you are shopping for a bed and find every mattress feels besides piano or besides firm, consider a Euro top or pillow top mattress. These types of beds add an extra layer of lavish cushioning to firmer feel mattresses to increase voiced comfort without diminishing digest.

however, Euro lead and pillow circus tent mattresses vary in construction, and consequently, feel. To make the best choice, consider what ’ s most important to you in a bed—additional softness and blackmail easing or cushioned documentation and longevity ? For example, although both tops will enhance the cushion of your bed, pillow tops are sewn to the top of the mattress traverse, leaving more space for sleepers to sink into, resulting in generous coerce relief. Euro tops, on the other hand, are attached beneath the mattress cover and well reinforced by the layers below it, providing mince support and lastingness .
once you have determined what you prefer in a mattress, one of the two pillow top beds will surely equip you with your prefer balance of soft and supportive .