Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness & Goodness

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, solitaire, forgivingness, good, fidelity, gradualness and self-denial. There is no police against those things. Galatians 5:22-23
What does kindness mean ? Be dainty to people ! What does goodness mean ? Do dear things for people !
frequently when we study words in the Bible, we search for a deep entail. We look for a new understanding about the word, possibly some unique insight, something that will open the bible passage like a key opening a lock.

I think sometimes we do that a little besides a lot. Kindness identical just means being dainty to people. Be kind. not mean. not rude. not angry. Be kind and nice. We can say the same thing about good ; do estimable things for people, not bad .
The Holy Spirit is the source of those gifts as He grows forgivingness and good in you. As we study about the fruit of the Spirit, we ’ re going to take those two words together, kindness and good, because their meanings are so a lot the lapp .
But they aren ’ thyroxine precisely the like. What is deviation between kind and good ? I ’ ll explain the deviation this way. Kindness is attitude, good is action. In your kernel you are kind, and that kind attitude leads you do good for others. The attitude of kindness leads to the action of doing good. Another word for kindness can be mercy. Mercy and kindness are the lapp thing .
We ’ ll look at two examples of forgivingness in the Bible. Romans 2:4 says, Do you disrespect God ’ s great forgivingness and privilege ? Do you disrespect God when he is patient with you ? Don ’ triiodothyronine you realize that God ’ south kindness is meant to turn you aside from your sins ?
God ’ s forgivingness and mercy tip you repent. When we sin against Him, does God promptly become angry and punish us ? No. He loves us. He is kind to us and has mercy on us. His mercy and forgivingness work in us and lead us to repent of our sin .
The second gear passage is from Titus 3:4-5, however, when God our Savior made his kindness and sleep together for humanness appear, He saved us, but not because of anything we had done to gain his approval. rather, because of His mercifulness He saved us through the wash in which the Holy Spirit gives us new give birth and reclamation.

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When the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us. There again, you see kindness is His attitude towards you. not to judge you or punish you. not angry, but loving, kind, and merciful. His intention is to save you, and He did that through Jesus .
The Holy Spirit puts that position of kindness in you. God has mercy you and you have mercy on others. When person sins against you, you don ’ t get angry and punish them. God ’ s mercy in your affection and His kindness lead you to forgive that person and harmonize with them .
That may feel a little strange because this world wants revenge and punishment. But we don ’ metric ton follow the world. God has put His love into your hearts. That gives us kindness and mercy for other people, and that leads to dependable actions .
You know the Golden Rule ? Matthew 7:12 says, In everything, do to others what you would want them to do to you .
If you go shopping and you are leaving the storehouse, your arms are fully of bags and you come to the door, you would like it if a person opens the door for you, right ? The same, when you are at the doorway and you see a person coming and they could use serve, you open the door for them .
But being beneficial is much more than opening doors for people. Goodness means doing dear for all people, whether they deserve it or not. Do good for your friends. Do thoroughly for your enemies. Do full for all people. That is love and mercy ! We show it in our actions, because God put that in our hearts, the same as He is kind and merciful and good to us.

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God bless you to live and show those gifts He gave you !

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