“ hello children let ‘s look at the question here so the question says differentiate between the two characteristics of matter mars and weight so let ‘s do it the conventional room that is let ‘s spell bulk on this side and wait on the early side we will start with the definition of each of these so mass is a measurement of the come of matter the body contains then the first definition of bulk is mass is measurement of the come of topic the body contains then what is weight indeed system of weights is the measurement of the pull of gravity on an aim now what do we mean by this uh this will become a bite more clear when iodine mention the second remainder so the moment difference between aggregate and burden is mass of an object will be bulk will be same everywhere then what will happen to weight remember weight is the measurement of perpetrate of graveness on an object thus weight will vary according to location now what do we mean by this so let ‘s say an object or a body is on the earth permit ‘s say the batch of the object is 5 kilogram sol if a 5 kilogram object is on the ground and the same 5 kilogram object is on the moonlight this is the lapp 5 kilogram object so mass will remain 5 kilogram in both aspect in both the respects but as we know weight is the measurement of wrench of graveness so the puff of graveness is always towards the earth right and that the formula for that is mass into 9.8 which is the acceleration due to gravity so this becomes 5 into 9.8 or we can approximate it to 10 that is 9.8 can be approximated to 10 so this becomes around 50. so what will be the units of weight unit here indeed 50 kilogram and this 9.8 was the acceleration due to gravity so that is equal to meter per second square we know the unit of measurement for acceleration is meter per second gear square so the weight unit of the object on earth will be 50 kilogram meter per irregular square now let ‘s find out the like weight of the object on moon for that we need to know the acceleration due to gravity the value for that on moon so the acceleration due to gravity on daydream is 1.6 meter per second squarely you can see it’s very less than the earth so the lapp 5 kilogram object mass 5 kg the system of weights of this on lunar month will be equal to 8 kg meter per second square as you can see the system of weights of the object has varied right so this is the basic difference between mass and weight okay permit ‘s find out the third most important point indeed as you can see i was writing 5 kilogram everywhere right the multitude of the object does n’t change that means the south iodine whole we can besides say that the unit for mass will be kg or is kg then what is the silicon unit for weight the silicon unit for weight is called newton newton or n and as you can see from the exemplar here 1 newton is equal to 1 kg meter per second squarely so as you can see these are the three major differences between batch and weight but however we can have we can see a bit more differences although that you will read in your higher classes so mars is called a scalar measure means something which has merely a measurement and there is no steering to it so this is a scalar quantity that is there is only a magnitude only no commission whereas the weight is a vector quantity that is it will have order of magnitude vitamin a well as direction remember management it the earth will always pull the object towards itself so there is a steering towards of the weight so it ‘s a vector measure that is it has magnitude angstrom well as guidance let ‘s spill the beans about another remainder that is marks can be measured using an ordinary libra so the glow balance which you see everywhere indeed that is an ordinary symmetry you can measure the mass of an object using that whereas weight of an object will always be measured using a spring balance if you see how a bounce balance works it pulls the objects towards the worldly concern mighty if you have ever used a spring counterweight so these are the basic differences between mass and weight unit of the object hope this was clear thank you ”

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