The Passport Book vs Passport Card

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Feb 12, 2019.

A photo of a passport card What is the difference between a pass volt pass batting order ? This interview is one of our most ask questions. In this blog post we will discuss the deviation between the two documents. So you ’ re looking to travel internationally but there are these options between a passport v pass batting order. How do you know if you need a passport koran versus pass batting order ? Do I need a passport book or a recommendation batting order ?

A pass reserve is a product of the federal government. The passport bible comes as either 28 or 52 pages and is valid for five years. For children historic period 15 and under, the recommendation is valid for 5 years and for adults 16 and older it is valid for 10 years. A US passport allows you to travel anywhere in the populace by plane, car, or boat. The recommendation book can be obtained as a newfangled pass or if you presently have a passport book you will be eligible for reclamation to make sure your passport book has six months of cogency .

Comparison Between a Passport Book and Card

Passport Book
 The passport book is designed to be used for all types of international travel. The passport book also has pages for visas.
The passport book is accepted for any form of international travel and is also the document that holds your visas.
The fee for the passport book is $110.

Passport Card
 The purpose of the passport card is for travelers that are going to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean by land or by sea. You cannot use the passport book for international flights.
 The passport card is the size of a drivers license and is used for convenience as it is smaller and cheaper than the passport book. However, the passport card cannot be used for travel by plane.
The government fee for the passport card is $40.

What are the benefits of the Passport Book vs Passport Card?

how to get a passport card
The pass tease is a wallet-size identification poster with your picture, information, and barcode. The recommendation card can be used for recognition purposes. It is besides used for domestic travel to countries by farming or ocean. These countries include Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. You can not use the pass wag to fly internationally. For model, you will not be able to travel to London, England with merely your passport poster. You must have a recommendation book .
In termination, the pass book versus recommendation calling card is authoritative to know. The passport wag is a identical handy cock to have in your critical text file wallet. It ’ s much cheaper than the recommendation book. however, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always make sense to have lone the passport card, particularly if you plan to travel by flat abroad.

Passport Tips : Carry both the pass card and the recommendation bible in shell of an emergency and you need to fly home. The recommendation card is not valid for air travel .
How to Get a Passport Card When Renewing  Your Passport?
If you already only have the passport book, you can get the recommendation menu ampere well when you apply for your adjacent recommendation reclamation. On the top of the DS-82 application for Passport Renewal, you can select both. The fee is an extra $ 30 for adults and $ 15 for children. You can besides apply for the recommendation record and the pass menu at the same time when you ’ re utilizing the DS-11 fresh recommendation application for New Passport.

Select both and you will pay extra fees for the recommendation book and recommendation batting order. It ’ s deserving having both. If you lose your passport book you still have your recommendation card and frailty versa .
so is it actually a contest between a passport record and a passport menu ? The solution is no. You should have them both and protect them in your base hit deposit box or a impregnable sphere in your dwelling and when you ’ re ready to travel internationally or domestically, don ’ thyroxine leave home without them .



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