Difference between Picture, Image and Photo

Difference between Picture, Image and Photo

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Often we hear the words video, photograph and visualize used interchangeably, so far they somehow calm sound right. It ’ s not very that big of a deal, but for the sake of their universe, why not use them in the proper way ?

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Visual representation of someone, something, or a scene on any flat surface
Visual representation of someone, something or a scene in forms of 2-D, 3-D, or imagination
Visual representation of someone, something or a scene on a piece of special paper

Includes drawing, photography and painting
Includes photography, paintings, sculptures, holograms and imagination
Taken by a camera

A type of image
Universal term for a visual representation of any kind
A type of picture


word picture

Originating from the Latin word pictūra ( The art of painting ; a painting ), you can already guess that a word picture generally refers to a paint. It may besides be a elementary attract or even a photograph. It is a ocular representation of a scene. From that degree of see, a painting is an prototype where groups of bleached points on a compressed open will look like an aim, a landscape or a person .
A picture may just be precisely a picture to some, but for most people, it is a helpful instrument. It may explain how to do things or even be an inspiration or motivation. As the saying goes, “ A word picture is worth a thousand words. ”  


Originating from the Latin bible imāgō ( a copy ; likeness ), an image is an fake of something or person. It is an artifact that acts as a ocular representation, normally of a physical object or a person. A calm image can be either planar ( photograph, screen display ) or three-dimensional ( sculpt, hologram ).  


Coming from the greek words phôs ( unhorse ) and graphê ( drawing, writing ), a photograph, or photograph, is actually an effigy created by light captured in a light-sensitive come on, which is normally photographic film. Photos are normally captured by a camera. As a result, the image captured through the lens of the camera is a newly ocular representation of whatever was photographed, be it a person, thing or view .


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Difference between a Bobcat and a Mountain Lion
In that sense, a photograph may be an persona of person or something, or even a picture of person or something, but images and pictures are not necessarily photos .

picture v Image five Photo

What ’ s the remainder between picture, image and photograph ? The answer depends on their words of origin. just by knowing how they were coined, you ’ ll get a bright photograph of what they very represent .
With the bible word picture, the news painting is incorporated. While it may be exchangeable to a photograph or an trope ( a ocular representation of a person, a matter, or a scene ), it does not have to be planted on a part of newspaper just like a photograph. A movie can be on any flatcar surface, such as a canvass. Unlike a photograph, a picture is not necessarily made with a camera ( hence its news of origin, unhorse ) but can besides be made by hand, through draw or painting. That being said, a photograph is strictly a capture image through the use of a camera, and it is a type of a photograph .
now, squeezing in the bible prototype with the words picture and photograph, you can immediately tell that it somehow fits. This is because an trope is an artifact that acts as a ocular representation, normally of a physical object or a person, and both pictures and photos fit under this description. The main dispute is that an trope can either be planar ( picture/photo ) or three-dimensional ( sculpture/hologram ). early forms of an prototype can exist in an individual ’ s mind, called a mental image.

In conclusion, taking in their definitions and custom, a photograph is a type of a picture, and a picture is a type of prototype. not all images are pictures or photos, however .
note : If the parole visualize is used as a technical term, it may besides refer to any digital copies of pictures or photos stored on your computer devices .

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