Titleist Technology: Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x

prov1-v1x-difference-1 Team Titleist introduced industry ’ s most popular golf balls Pro V1 on October 11, 2000. On the heels of its record-setting success, a moment model – the Pro V1x – was introduced three years by and by in 2003. today, roughly more than half of all TOUR pros tee up a Pro V1 or Pro V1x .
Titleist is the # 1 ball for more players and more champions across the worldwide professional tours. thus far in the 2018-2019 season, Titleist golf ball players have recorded 152 victories around the worldly concern, more than five times the nearest rival with 29. Since its insertion in 2000, the Pro V1 golf testis franchise has been the golf ball of option for more than 3,000 champions cosmopolitan .
Jordan Spieth won The Masters with Pro V1x while Rickie Fowler, Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson make hay with the Pro V1. Bubba Watson bombs a Pro V1x while Justin Thomas is a few yards behind with his Pro V1 .
The Titleist Pro V1 is a three-piece solid-core golf ball provides full performance from tee to green with penetrating flight and very soft feel. The Pro V1x is a four-piece solid core golf ball provides entire performance from tee to green with gamey  trajectory and soft feel.

Why does this topic when the “ moment of truth ” occurs ?
The Pro V1: The higher dimple count and three-piece technology will cause the Pro V1 to have a softer feel off the club face, helping it generate abject long game spin, less iron spin, senior high school short bet on whirl and giving it a systematically mid level flight comparison to Pro V1x .
The Pro V1x The four-piece construction and fewer dimples of the Pro V1x give a less soft spirit ( harder than Pro V1 ), and exchangeable farseeing game spin, more iron whirl, higher short plot tailspin, and higher escape compare to Pro V1. The tactile property and spin rate are bang-up when you want to check and stop an 8 iron .

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Should I Play with a Pro V1 or Pro V1x?Should-I-play-the-Pro-V1
The million dollar question, I ‘m glad you asked ! Which Titleist best fits your crippled ? Well, rest easy, the LostGolfBalls.com team is here to help ; we ’ ve dismantled its mantle and put to rest a common misconception, all in the name of helping you pick the veracious pro.

All golf players should keep this in mind, a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots, otherwise it wo n’t perform for any golfer. Because you are playing a broad variety show of golf shots during the round. Since a golf ball only reacts to the force being applied, different shots require different swing speeds in order to execute them by rights. For that argue, you may consider ball match for a certain lilt speed is a myth .
first thing ’ randomness foremost : erase from your conscience the thinking that one golf musket ball will go further than the other. They don ’ t ; under the same swing conditions both golf balls have been proven to travel closely the same distance, it ’ s more a count of how they get there .
Which brings us to the next distributor point : ball flight. This is possibly the biggest differences between the two golf balls. The Pro V1 is designed to produce a more acute ball flight and descends at a shallower lean ultimately leading to more roll. The Pro V1x on the other hand launches higher and falls out of the air out at much steeper angles of attack. So the decision here is do you prefer more roll out ( Pro V1 ) or carry ( Pro V1x ) distance ?
next up is spin generation. How many times have you heard the phrase it ’ s what ’ south on the at heart that counts ? First, tell your ma she ’ south proper. Second, the Pro V1 ’ randomness and Pro V1x ’ randomness composition does make a spot of dispute. The Pro V1 is a three-piece golf ball designed to spin more on longer shots while the Pro V1x is a four-piece construction whose add layer is engineered to improve driver distance carry without sacrificing spin on mid-irons or shots around the park.

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ultimately there ’ s the feel agent. If you prefer a softer golf ball go for the Pro V1 ; if you like a little more pop pick up the Pro V1x .
ultimately there ’ s no wrong choice ; both golf balls are packed with closely two decades of research, development and testing to help you play your best golf. And with both priced at half the cost as modern ( you won ’ metric ton find that anywhere else ! ), picking a side has never been easier. indeed give the Pro V1 and Pro V1x a attempt while they ‘re on sale and find out why a majority of pros on the PGA TOUR put the Title in Titleist .
On course performance is the best set to determine which golf ball will help you shoot lower scores. Your best bet is to try both models, you ‘ll want to go through an on-course evaluation that will help you determine which golf ball performs the best for you .

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