The main differences between sea moss and irish moss

Sea moss has recently managed to become an increasingly democratic topic amongst many people around the world. Thanks to recent social media posts and articles, ocean moss has garnered the attention of many people around the world. The interest in this marine vegetable grows by the day, specially once people learn about the excellent benefits it has to offer to a person ‘s overall health. A superfood able of giving a person all sorts of nutritional value while combined with some of your favorite recipes would make it on anyone ‘s point of interest .

however, whenever people talk about sea moss, they are specifically talking about a single type of moss. The moss that everyone is talking about is the Chondrus crispus or better known as irish moss. This particular moss has managed to grow in popularity recently, and plenty of people have jumped on the Irish moss bandwagon. irish moss has a absorbing history of being used as both a food beginning and a mean of remedy for versatile respiratory illnesses .

irish moss continues to grow in the spotlight. not excessively long ago, Irish moss was being used only by small groups of people or as a forte ingredient for several food stocks. Around three years ago, Irish moss exploded in popularity on the internet due to endorsements it managed to receive from people like Kim Kardashian and others. Tons of articles have appeared about irish moss and all sorts of useful information surrounding it .

When person is trying to purchase Irish moss, they want to make indisputable they are getting the real stuff from a trusted source. Doing so can be quite challenging with the variety show of choices on the market. Some vendors may label their product as sea moss, while some are selling irish moss. Figuring out which of these is the one to pick can be troublesome, particularly with warnings being spread around about forge moss and conflicting information.

That is why for this post, we have decided to go over the main differences between sea moss and irish moss .

An overview on sea moss and Irish moss

Sea moss is a blanket condition that is used to describe diverse species of seaweed or alga. In truth, ocean moss and irish moss are not moss, but those are the terms that are normally used to describe them. There are several ocean moss species found in the ocean, however, there are two main ones that have become democratic ; Chondrus Crispus and Genus Gracilaria. These two species are the most normally used when it comes to sea moss nutrition, so we will largely focus on them .

The majority of sea mosses are types of red seaweed known as Rhodophytes, and it ’ randomness one of the largest groups of alga. Most sea mosses will have a frilled appearance and a habit of covering rocks with a carpet growth of a match of inches high, which is why it ’ south named moss. however, it should be noted that they are not related to actual moss, which are land plants known as Bryophyta .

Some people have tied questioned if ocean moss is like to kelp. Kelp is quite often used as a generic terminus applied for many different seaweeds. authentic kelp is, in world, brown university seaweeds classified as Phaephytes, and it may come as a daze to find out that ocean moss is not even distantly related to kelp, even if both of them fall under the group known as seaweed .

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Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus)

Chondrus crispus or, irish moss as it is better known, is grown in limited places with most of them being in the North Atlantic coastlines. irish moss requires cool urine to develop and is known to be particularly abundant in the british Isles. While it ‘s better known for being found in Ireland, it does grow plentiful in places like Canada, Maine, and any other placement with cool water. Chondrus crispus has numerous cousins that are besides sold, as irish moss or ocean moss .

Sea moss sourced from Jamaica or any tropical location may be labeled irish moss, but in reality, they are not Chondrus and most likely are related to Gracilaria, which is the most distribute ocean moss around the populace. There are an calculate 150 Gracilaria species, but lone two twelve of them are used by humans for medicative purposes or food .

During the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1849, the Irish had to cultivate the most to survive. It was a time where food was barely in Ireland, with millions of people dying due to malnourishment refer issues. In desperation, the irish people turned to the ocean for their food source, which led them to discover Condrush Crispus. That led to the give birth name of Irish moss for this particular ocean vegetable. Unlike ocean moss, which is more accessible and abundant, irish moss is far harder to come by. It ’ sulfur considered quite rare to find a seller who has authentic Irish moss. Due to conflicting information, searching up irish moss will normally result in ocean moss appearing in search engine results .

What does Irish moss look like?

It can be quite perplexing to differentiate between assorted ocean moss species apart once they ’ ve been dried up and packaged. That is particularly true if the box has labeled the amiss sort of moss. Dr.Sebi, the leading scientist behind Chondrus, may have unwittingly caused this confusion by mislabeling a jamaican sea moss as irish moss in his display .

irish moss has bland fan-like wide human body tops that are similar to flowers or leaves. The color is normally dark purple, however, they can vary. It should be noted that Chondrus crispus has been confused with another assortment of Gracilaria. Some vendors will sell jamaican Purple Sea moss, which is not Chondrus crispus, but in reality, it ’ randomness purple genus Gracilaria. Some people will mistake it for irish moss because they typically come purple. Always remember that color does not denote a species, but it ’ mho biological makeup does .

irish moss is normally reddish/purple and dark than its tropical counterpart, which is often picket or straw-colored ascribable to being exposed to very intense sunlight while growing. Although, powdered irish moss can be quite pale because of the all right milling. The discolor variations sometimes make people think the product was bleached when in fact, it was not. Once the moss has been milled or processed into a formulation, it ’ randomness reasonably much impossible to confirm the species by eyesight only without sending it to some lab.

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The advantage behind irish moss would be its curio. irish moss is not available all year round because it grows on rocks and is merely harvested during the summer. Because of this, it ‘s hard to duplicate, making it hard to get a forge or pool-grown Chondrus crispus .


Because of its curio, it ’ second well challenging to acquire and limits how much you can get a reserve of. Most people will merely get enough during the harvest season and practice it throughout the stallion class until the future season. Buying it in bulge international relations and security network ’ metric ton recommended anyhow since Irish moss is potent stuff, and you won ’ t need excessively much for serving anyhow .

due to its curio, the moss is quite expensive. Half a irish pound of irish moss can cost a person at least $ 50 easily. however, as mentioned before, there are tons of irish moss to go about, and the stipulate sum should end at least six months, if not more. furthermore, Irish moss besides has a knock-down spirit than Genus Gracilaria. Gracilaria does have a smack, but it ‘s reasonably meek compared to Chondrus crispus, which could turn people off .

Sea moss (Genus Gracilaria)

Genus Gracilaria is one of the most normally recognized sea moss out there. however, some people tend to confuse it with Irish moss, when in fact, it does not grow anywhere near Ireland. The argue behind this confusion can be due to a little technical erroneousness and miseducation of the botanical names from both species. Some places have called it Irish moss when in reality it ‘s known as Genus Gracilaria, but these could be just honest mistakes on their function .

One reason why this confusion has spread is that people from strong climates have besides called the ocean moss that grows in their location Irish moss. While sea moss from Jamaica and other tropical climates may be called Irish moss, they are not Chondrus crispus. Genus Gracilaria is known for providing over 80 % of the world ‘s agar provide, which is a gel-forming polysaccharide used in cosmetics, foods, and besides to make agar places for developing bacteria in laboratories .

Because it ’ randomness necessity to have a considerable measure of expertness to tell the difference between each species apart, they are normally referred to by the name of Gracilaria. irish Immigrants who settled in Jamaica adopted the native sea moss species as their fresh Irish moss, where it ’ sulfur silent called by that name nowadays. Unlike irish moss, Genus Gracilaria is capable of growing on both rocks and ropes. It ’ randomness normally grown on ropes if ocean adult or pool farmed .

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What does sea moss look like?

Sea moss can appear as a thin string of fingers. The color will be slightly jaundiced or goldish, but they can vary. Sometimes they will appear empurpled as well, which has led to a lot confusion between Jamaican sea moss and irish moss among many people. The empurpled sea moss is known as the Jamaican Purple Sea moss and is the most popular variety on the market. Keep in mind that fair because Genus Gracilaria comes tinge empurpled, this does not make it a Chondrus crispus. Both of these species of moss can come in a kind of colors .


A enormous advantage of utilizing this species of sea moss, besides its massive alimentary message, is that it ‘s able of growing all year round. Meaning you have a more readily available reservoir of superfood at any fourth dimension. due to the abundance of sea moss available in the marketplace, the monetary value of purchase is not identical expensive .

Because it ’ mho been trending in all sorts of sociable media platforms, respective companies are starting to take advantage of this and are increasing prices. Since its status as a superfood has been revealed, the issue and necessitate have besides increased. So the reason for the price increase can be attributed to this. The exhilaration around moss could lower and lead to a in-between ground in prices.


due to how easily accessible sea moss has become, some companies have been selling what is known as farm pool grown sea moss. Pool-grown sea moss is not considered ideal because of how rushed the moss is similarly, to inorganically grow produce. As mentioned in a presentation by Dr.Sebi, sea moss is not capable of growing where the sea stands still, it has to be in movement, and sea moss grows .

That means you will not be receiving the lapp nutrients and benefits because it ’ s not being grown in the ocean. furthermore, you are subjected to ingesting whatever the business decides to include in the pool to speed the product, which further depletes the nutrients. Pool grow sea moss is typically grown on ropes in affected waters and is barren of nutrients. Ocean-farmed ocean moss besides grows on ropes, but they grow in lifelike seawater and are not tampered with until reap fourth dimension. That allows them to retain the ask nutrients you ’ ll want to receive when consuming ocean moss .


As you can see, both sea moss and irish moss are unlike in their own means. Choosing one over the early can be hard to answer. They both provide you with some capital benefits, however, one of them is more well accessible compared to the early. It all comes down to trying them both and seeing which of them makes you feel dear. Hopefully informative adequate to give you a clearer mental picture of the assortment of ocean moss out there .