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The difference between Unrefined Shea Butter & Refined Shea Butter 
The difference lies in the processing and what is left behind after processing. Shea Butter is a rich demulcent extracted from the crackpot of the African Shea Fruit. West Africans have used Shea Butter for centuries as a healing, fudge and beauty ointment In its natural country ( unrefined ), Shea Butter is rich in sterols and bio-actives, providing penetrating moisture to the skin and hairUnrefined Shea Butter has a goodly measure of unsaponifiable fats, which contain shea triterpene esters with anti-inflammatory properties. These natural active elements help with cellular telephone positive feedback and capillary circulation and besides provide about 5 % UV protection because of the cinnamic acid content .
What Color is Unrefined Shea Butter
You can identify Unrefined Shea by its skim or lighter scandalmongering color and natural, balmy scent. Unrefined Shea Butter is typically processed using the traditional handcraft method acting. properly processed Unrefined Shea Butter has an average shelf life of 24 months.

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Refined Shea Butter
Refined Shea Butter is white and odorless. The refine procedure removes the color and scent and in the march most of the natural mend properties. Refined Shea Butter has a longer shelf life and is hush a good moisturizer but it lacks the natural skin regenerating benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter .

What about lotions and creams that claim to be made of Shea Butter? Are they effective?

Pure Shea Butter can be used as a hair’s-breadth and body balm and it can besides be incorporated with other ingredients to make lotions and creams. Most moisturizers on the mass retail shelves that claim to be made Shea Butter moisturizers, typically contain less than 1 % Shea. For best results, Shea Butter lotions or creams should include no less than 5 % of Shea. The most effective torso creams and lotions will contain at least 20 % of Unrefined Shea Butter in their formulas. Always look at the component list. If Shea Butter is somewhere in the center or buttocks, you are not buying a actual shea butter products
How do I know I’m buying the right kind of Shea Butter?
Buying the right kind of Shea Butter is arsenic easy as going to your local naturals market or beauty shop and looking at the color of your Shea. Is it excessively jaundiced, besides white, or unnatural looking ? Most beauty brands won ’ metric ton list whether or not they ’ re using Refined or Unrefined Shea Butter. When in doubt purchase Shea Butter that is handcrafted and naturally ample in antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin.

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