The Difference Between Vented and Ventless Gas Logs

Vented and Ventless Gas Logs are a little different. Vented gas logs burn like a real wood fire with a yellow flame that produces smoke. They must be burned in a wood burning fireplace with the damper open, so smoke goes up the flue along with most of the heat. Ventless (vent-free) gas logs burn cleanly with a lower flame that does not smoke. You can burn them with the damper closed to heat your room.

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Steve, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale By Steve Gas Logs Expertat Hansen Wholesale Only a gas log expert like Steve would know the kind of detail he’s sharing with you today. Steve has been working with Gas Logs for 18 years, so he knows how to get the most out of gas logs and he’s here to help you do that today.

The Difference Between Vented and Ventless Gas Logs

January 6th, 2017

I ‘m going to start by saying something controversial :
“ Ventless gasoline logs are the best choice for about any application. ” arsenic long as you do n’t live in California.

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Why is this controversial ? More much than not, your average retailer may tell you that you should only consider ventless if your chief reason for buying accelerator logs is for heat. Otherwise you should buy vented gas logs because they are more naturalistic .
This just does not make sense to me. The ventless gas logs from R. H. Peterson look more realistic than a batch of non-Real Fyre vented natural gas logs. Plus, they give you heat when you need it most. Why neutralize your money on gas if you are not going to get any heat ?
That ‘s why R. H. Peterson tests and certifies ALL of their ventless gas log as both vent and ventless accelerator logs in the first place. So you can burn them with the damper open or close. so if it ‘s actually cold, close the damper. If it ‘s not therefore cold and you want to enjoy your fire without overheating the room … then open the damper. It ‘s that simple. You can not get that versatility with a vent gasoline logarithm no matter how you look at it. Plus, it ‘s a lot more cozy sit in front of a fire when you can actually feel the heat, or not feel the heat if it ‘s affectionate.

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then when you consider all the differences between vented and ventless flatulence logs, the main deviation is that ventless logs from Peterson are more versatile. If you can use ventless, then in most cases they ‘re the best choice. Often, R. H. Peterson Ventless Gas Logs offer the best of both worlds .
Give me, Steve, a ring and I ‘ll talk you through getting the most versatile, most beautiful gas log set. I ‘ve been a Gas Logs Expert at Hansen Wholesale for about 20 years. You can reach me at 1-800-201-1193, reference 114.

Thanks for reading. I hope this help !
– Steve
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