Android Mes­sages vs What­sApp: How Do They Compare

Messages on phones have come a farseeing way since it ’ randomness launch. It started as SMS, followed by MMS and immediately we have moment messaging military service. evening if you don ’ metric ton use any moment messenger, your SIM card is constantly linked to SMS. You will get them automatically over a cellular network .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp Comparison
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp Comparison Different smartphones use different apps to send and receive SMS. The most democratic being the Android Messages from Google. You can besides install any other SMS client from the Play Store. While there are many instantaneous messengers out there, WhatsApp is the most popular one. It ’ s not necessary that the early person should besides use Android Messages to receive the SMS sent to them. They could be using any SMS app. however, to receive WhatsApp messages, both the parties should have the WhatsApp app. similarly, there are many early small and big differences in these two apps.

We will compare both these message services in depth in this article and help you decide which one to choose if you ‘ve been trying to make up your judgment about these two services. Read on .


In the long time of smartphones and multiple message apps, one wants all the services to be available across platforms. however, that ’ s not the lawsuit with either of them. Android Messages is limited to Android phones. You can not view and send messages from any other device unless you download the third-party message apps such as Pulse, Textra, or use services like MightyText or Pushbullet. however, news has been floating around that Android Messages might soon get a web platform. *fingers crossed*Update: It’s here. It’s here. Google has officially It ‘s here. It ‘s here. Google has officially rolled out a world wide web platform for Android Messages .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 1
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 1
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 2
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 2 Coming to WhatsApp, although it is available for iPhone, Windows earphone, and Android, you can not use the lapp account on all of them simultaneously. Meaning, your messages will not be synced to other devices. thankfully, there is a window personal computer and a Mac app. You can use your existing WhatsApp account to chat from these apps. And if you don ’ metric ton want to install an app, the WhatsApp web interpretation is besides available .

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Dependence on Data

Android Messages doesn ’ thymine require the Internet to work. even if you don ’ t have the Internet on your device, you can distillery send messages through Android Messages over your cellular network. however, WhatsApp is fully dependent on an active voice datum connection. You can not send WhatsApp messages without a proper work Internet association. This might not be a big issue in promote countries, but the develop world calm does n’t have the best 3G or 4G everywhere .


Android Messages comes pre-installed on most android devices except Xiaomi and Samsung. You can, however, install it from the Play Store on these devices excessively. It is available for dislodge. similarly, WhatsApp is besides available for free. You will have to download the app from the Play Store. It ’ mho worth mentioning that you will be charged for every text sent from the Android Messages app. The monetary value varies from carrier to aircraft carrier. On the other handwriting, while you won ’ thymine be charged for every single WhatsApp message, you will have to pay for the data usage .

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Registration and Username

To use Android Messages, you don ’ t need to register or create an history. If Android Messages comes preinstalled on your device, you will mechanically receive text messages for the SIM in practice through this app. If you install it from the Play Store, you will have to set it as nonpayment SMS app to send and receive SMS via this app. On the other pass, you have to create a WhatsApp history using your earphone number. Basically, your WhatsApp explanation is linked to your call issue. none of the apps have a username system, so anyone with your number can message you on either app .


Since both the apps use your phone number to identify you, anyone can text you. Unlike the apps that have a username system, where the other person needs your alone username to initiate a conversation, this is not the lawsuit hera. Although, on one pass, this system is easy as you don ’ t need to know the username but then, we don ’ t want everyone who has our number to text us … proper ?

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Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp doesn ’ triiodothyronine subscribe multiple accounts. You can only use one count at a prison term to send messages. On the other hand, if you have a dual SIM telephone, you can use two numbers to send and receive textbook on the same call. however, it ‘s a given that both the SIM cards should be portray in the same device .

Delivery Report

By default, delivery reports are turned off in Android Messages. however, if you want you can turn them on in the Settings. once enabled, you will see a small Delivered label below the messages that have been delivered successfully .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 3
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 3 WhatsApp besides supports delivery reports. When the message is delivered, you will see grey double ticks next to the messages. Once the message has been read, grey ticks will turn bluing ( if enabled ). thankfully, the read feature is presently not available in Android Messages .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 4
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 4
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 6
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 6 Note : WhatsApp besides shows when the other person is on-line. This feature of speech not available in Android Messages .

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Supported Message Types

While Android Messages supports emojis, images, stickers, and voice notes, in SMS you can merely send simple texts and emojis. In character, you want to share an image or other stuff, these will be considered as MMS ( Multimedia messaging service ) and will be charged more .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 7
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 7
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 8
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 8 WhatsApp supports a wide kind of messages. You can send simple text messages, emojis, GIFs, voice notes, images, videos, music, and even ZIP files. Basically, you can send any type of charge through WhatsApp. Although there are no excess charges, the amount of data send will be considered in your data usage .

Group Messaging

Both the apps support group messaging. however, there is a dispute in how they work. While you can send messages to multiple people from the like weave in Android Messages, the replies will appear as individual conversations .
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 9
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 9
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 10
Android Messages Vs Whatsapp 10 WhatsApp comes with a brawny group sport. All the air and received messages will be grouped in one offprint string. The recipients will be able to see all the sent and received messages, which is not the sheath with Android Messages .

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Since both the apps are available for free, one might think they must be loaded with ads. however, that ’ s not the case with either of them. Of course, you do get spam messages from brands on Android Messages but that ’ s not from the app itself. Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 and since then everyone has been ( sort of ) waiting for ads to come to WhatsApp. Although Facebook at the prison term of skill said that WhatsApp won ’ metric ton read ads, we all know it ’ s barely a matter of time before you see one. And that clock time might have come .

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What’s Better?

Both the apps serve a different determination. While android Messages is based on SMS and uses the cellular network, WhatsApp is an moment messenger that can be accessed from mobile data and Wi-Fi both.

Unlike Facebook Messenger, that supports SMS in addition to its own messages, WhatsApp doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate provide this feature. so if you are a even SMS exploiter, you will need Android Messages. But if you are more into moment message, WhatsApp is your buddy. But at the end of the day, it depends on which service your friends use the most. That ‘s what decides your communication method of choice, does n’t it ? survive updated on 12 Sep, 2018
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