White vs Yellow Shea Butter

Darrell Johnson

Posted on February 12 2017
white shea butter yellow shea butter

We came across a very interest article on SheaButterLicious discussing the dispute of yellow and white Shea Butter. Short, childlike and to the point.

“ I am frequently asked what is the deviation between Yellow or White Shea Butter, which is better yata yata … First Shea butter comes in those small nuts and the color is an off white or beige or ivory kind of color. They parboil the shea nuts and then it goes to a mill process. You can actually search for video of women making the Shea butter in a more detail process ( Google or Youtube ). I am not going that far into the details just briefly to explain the yellow color. So the yellow and white hail from the same Shea Nuts but are processed differently. For the chicken shea butter, a root from the borututu tree is added in the mill procedure, and gives it that turmeric yellow color. Some think palm anoint is added to give it that yellow color but no palm vegetable oil is required to make yellow Shea butter, it goes through the like action as the white shea butter. Therefore they both have same qualities. FYI some African make a tea from the bark of the borututu tree that is said to help with liver functions.

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So again, the yellow and blank shea butter are from the same Karite Tree but are processed differently. The Karite tree is grown in Central and Western Africa. Some people confuse Kpangnan African Butter with Shea Butter because it is besides yellow. You will find some vendors selling this butter under the name Yellow Shea Butter, most do n’t know the dispute but some do, but will tell you it is the same because of the popularity of Shea Butter. Kpangyan Butter is grown in Central Togo and is used for skin care.

now Shea Butter besides has different grades, Grade A is normally referred as the white unrefined 100 % Raw Shea Butter it can be consumed and used in the cosmetic arena. It contains more Shea nuts than rate B Shea butter. now Grade B Shea butter comes in white and yellow but has *less Shea nuts ( I know kind of hard to explain ), it actually seems softer than grade A. Grade B shea butter can not be used for pulmonary tuberculosis only in cosmetics. * I think the mean of less nuts is that through the procedure the Shea Butter Nuts get smaller. So that is what ‘s meant by it has less Shea butter. Remember they parboil the nuts, let them dry, sort them, mill them, boil them, top and let them sit again, then as the process goes on the butter balls get smaller. ( Sorry trying to explain equally dim-witted as possible. )

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Refined Shea Butter – cleaned, bleached, and deorderized – can not be used in cold process soap but can is normally added to cosmetics such as lotions and creams.
Unrefined Shea Butter – as it is smell nutty and is off whitish, can be used in cosmetics and cold process soap.

There is even Organic Shea Butter, this where some might disagree with me which is fine, I think that ‘s a bunch of Hooplah. If its is 100 % Raw Shea Butter then it is just the lapp quality as Organic, it is the same Karite corner. I feel its just another reason to charge you excess money. ”

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