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    1A point or way in which people or things are unlike. ‘ the differences between men and women ’ ‘ the differences between men and women ’ More exemplar sentences

  1. 1.1 mass noun The state or condition of being unalike.

    ‘their difference from one another’

    • ‘There is in America a sense of distance from other nations, and of difference from them, which has been long remarked and debated.’
    • ‘The question then becomes: how can we free difference from these normative connotations?’
    • ‘A quick click on my archives, and I find that there’s not much difference from last Christmas.’
    • ‘The music is an odd blend of soft feminine jazzy folk-rock, with little difference from song to song.’
    • ‘Judging by my experience of American culinary habits, they will notice no difference from home cooking.’
    • ‘Tactics books are readily available, and in many instances there isn’t a lot of difference from one to the next.’
    • ‘Certainly, you can think that there is no difference from other sports when you refer to the rules of the game.’
    • ‘It’s a world of difference from last year, when I could only hope to turn a few heads.’
    • ‘I had never driven a 4X4 before but you don’t notice any difference from a normal car except for the height.’
    • ‘In truth I could not notice much difference from my seat near the front.’
    • ‘There is a world of difference from succeeding in South Africa to competing in Bangladesh.’
    • ‘The ugly body is thus a body whose difference from the normal body is turned into deviance.’
    • ‘The attractive power of the church of God lies in its distinctiveness and difference from the world.’
    • ‘But for the boy, a transformation has to be achieved to an awareness of an identity based on difference from the mother.’
    • ‘Well, in point of fact, there’s very little difference from its ideological stance.’
    • ‘As someone who has lived in both, I can assure you that there is a world of difference between the two conditions.’
    • ‘Even more importantly, the new government’s policies so far show little difference from those of the old.’
    • ‘An election is coming and this is beginning to look like the issue the incumbents can use to show their difference from the opposition.’
    • ‘We retreat into our irony cages when we feel threatened by our difference from other people.’
  2. 1.2 A quantity by which amounts differ ; the remainder left after subtraction of one value from another.

    ‘the insurance company will pay the difference’

    • ‘If the antecedent is more true than the consequent, then the conditional is less than the maximal truth by the difference between their values.’
    • ‘The difference between the expected value and the certainty equivalent is the risk premium for the gamble.’
    • ‘It is claimed that there remains a substantial difference between that sum and the full amount of the loss.’
    • ‘The difference of the total amount which is K67 million is what the community has given in terms of labour and materials.’
    • ‘The gap, when taken over the full five years would amount to a total difference of about 7.7%.’
    • ‘The Department of Labour examined data from 2001 when the pay difference was 40 percent.’
    • ‘The difference in wages remained constant, not increasing over time.’
    • ‘For each pixel, find the difference in intensity between each of its neighbors, then sum the absolute value of those differences.’
    • ‘Simple arithmetic will yield the difference between these two amounts.’
    • ‘Quantitatively, the dollar amount differences are shown in Table 4.’
    • ‘Each matrix was constructed by subtracting the differences in values between populations.’
    • ‘However, the 9 percent difference in speed has remained constant over the years.’
    • ‘Or alternatively, will the difference in real value and actual rental paid be deducted from his salary?’
    • ‘All of the previously observed statistical differences remained when the data were corrected for percentage activation.’
    • ‘The index of divergence is expressed in the sum of the absolute value of the differences for all industries.’
    • ‘He notices that It looks like the differences seem to be ‘copying’ the Fibonacci series in the tens and in the units columns.’
    • ‘However, the values of energy differences are overestimated.’
    • ‘Whenever differences are observed, values are tabulated separately for contact lipids.’
    • ‘The clinical relevance of weighted mean differences and P values, however, is not obvious.’
    • ‘He was paid a settlement of salary difference from last April to November on top of three months’ salary in lieu of notice.’


    , outstanding amount, remaining amount, remainder, rest, residue, excess, extra

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  3. 1.3 Heraldry

    An change in a coat of arms to distinguish members or branches of a syndicate .

    • ‘Secondly, it assumes coat armour to be hereditary in the male lines of a family, with differences to distinguish cadet branches.’
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