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in this problem. We ‘re gon na talk about those cows, law. so what we need to remember is that if we have a column of fluent as I ‘m showing here in the figure and I have two points inside this liquid actually could be any fluid. I ‘m gon na call this points A and B in the difference of pressure. Delta P between these two points is equal to roll. That ‘s the density of the liquid. Time is G. That ‘s the gravitational constant times H and H year is the legal separation between the two points the height between the two points and what we have in our problem is a container shown here in our figure That left Yeah, where the leave side, the english of the container is connected to the atmosphere, meaning that appear that the imperativeness is adequate to the atmospheric pressure. Yeah, they do n’t have three points inside this container. A BNC in question. A. We have to calculate what ‘s the, uh, the coerce at 0.8. So I ‘m just gon na apply this cows police. We know that the dispute off pressure between this this degree here, the point that ‘s indeed clear to the standard atmosphere and charge a that is the press point a minus. The atmospheric imperativeness is equal to roll gigabyte times h so p a is the atmospheric press plus grow GH and exercise tells us that the liquid ah, that ‘s inside the container is oil. If you look in a table, you see that the density of vegetable oil is approximately 900 kg per cubic meter. therefore P A is equal to the the atmospheric pressure. That ‘s one point 013 times 10 to the fifth of scouts, plus the concentration of oil. That ‘s 900 kilogram Ricky meter fourth dimension is G 9.8 m per second squarely times heat content and thats 0.5 m. So p a is adequate to 1.57 times 10 to the fifth. His collar. Okay, well, let me just do this and then in motion be we have to calculate the difference of pressure between points A and B and A and C. The first thing me to notice is that the dispute of press Onley depends on the altitude dispute. It does not depend on which horizontal point the point is in. So the remainder of pressure between A and B is the same as a remainder of press between A and C and the dispute of atmospheric pressure is equitable row g times h and they said before always 900 kilogram, her cubic meter fourth dimension of 9.8 m per second squared and age is 50 centimeters, so 0.5 m thus without a P is equal to 4.41 times 10 to the third gear, but Scotch and this includes their exercise.

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