Full vs Queen: What’s the Difference?

Main Differences Between Queen and Full

now, although both Queen and Full mattresses look similar — some evening call the latter ‘ mini-Queen ’ — they ’ re not the same. so, let ’ s clear out any confusion between Queen vs Full mattresses once and for all .

Surface Area

so, as I mentioned at the get down, these two mattress sizes have different dimensions, which besides means that they have a different come on sphere. And this is an essential argument for couples because it literally defines how comfortable you will feel on your bed. To calculate the open area of a mattress, you need to multiply its width by its length :

  • For a Full size, 54 x 75 inches =4050 square inches, or 28.12 square feet.
  • For a Queen size, 60 x 80 inches =4800 square inches, or 33.3 square feet.

As you can see, Queen is more than 5 square feet larger than Full, and that extra outer space truly adds ease during sleep. Along with that, a queen-size mattress gives you more personal space : 30 inches per sleeper compared to 27 inches in Full-sized beds. again, the difference international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate besides big, and both mattress size can accommodate two average adults equally well. still, you might feel less comfortable on a Full-sized mattress if your bedmate loves to stretch during sleep or is on the heavier side .

Space per Person

Both Full and Queen mattresses can accommodate two adults, but the degree of comfort will be unlike due to the come of space each person gets. The Full mattress offers you 27 x 75 inches per person, which is reasonably cramped, specially if you ’ re tall or have extra slant. sol if you share a seam with another person, you will feel packed and might not get thoroughly sleep.

With a queen-size bed, you can expect 30 x 80 inches per person. A dispute over the Full mattress might be identical little, but an extra couple of inches wide and long gives you more chances to get comfortable .


The remainder in dimensions besides impacts slant. A Full mattress has an average weight between 50 and 60 pounds, depending on the thickness. You can easily handle this mattress by yourself if you need to rotate it. It besides doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require a reinforce layer base. A Queen mattress has a weight range of 150-160 pounds, which is significantly heavier than the Full. This is because queen mattresses are by and large thicker because they are made for pornographic sleepers, including those who are overweight, and compact more ease layers to cradle their bodies .

Recommended Room Space

Your bed is the key component in the bedroom, but it ’ s not the merely piece of furniture you ’ re going to put there. You ’ ll probably want to have nightstands, a electric chair or two, a draftsman or another kind of storehouse sphere, etc. All these pieces need to be organized in such a room that you don ’ t feel crowded or incidentally bump them with your little finger toe. Speaking of laying out your layer good, you need to consider your bedside area . This is, basically, the floor space where you put your feet after you wake up and get out of bed. ideally, it should be a circular area that ’ s at least 30 inches in diameter. And to move well around your bedroom, it ’ s better to have the same 30-inch-diameter spaces near all the furniture pieces.

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so, how large should your bedroom be, based on that data ? For a Queen mattress, any bedroom that measures at least 10 x 10 feet will give you enough outer space to by rights arrange your furniture. A Full seam, being a bite smaller, may fit into narrower bedrooms — for exercise, 10 x 9 feet. however, the dispute between the mattress sizes international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine therefore bad ; plus, a bed frame might eat some extra space, so it ’ s better if your bedroom is 10 x 10 feet arsenic well, to accommodate a Full go to bed without feeling tightly packed .