What materials are outdoor cushions made from? – Cushion Factory

What materials are outdoor cushions made from? - Cushion Factory

What materials are outdoor cushions made from?


What materials are outdoor cushions made from?

October 19, 2016 Cushion Factory

What materials are outdoor cushions made from? - Cushion Factory

Outdoor cushions can be made from a variety of different materials. The main focus for any material designed to stay outside is durability. The differences between them do extend beyond this however, with different materials holding a variety of qualities to suit all needs. The following are the four most popular materials for outdoor cushions.

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100% solution dyed acrylic

100% solution dyed acrylic has become increasingly popular in recent years. Consisting of both cotton and a variety of synthetic materials, solution dyed acrylic is formulated to be especially durable. Because it is dyed, the acrylic is especially resistant to the type of discolouration seen from long-term exposure to chlorine and sunlight. By preventing mildew growth, this material is perfect to use in areas more prone to rain or other types of water exposure. The one downside to this material is the price, coming in a lot dearer than the other materials out there. However, if you’re looking for something that lasts, dyed acrylic is probably the way to go.

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This material forms a mesh and is made of polyester covered in plastic. This makes it waterproof to a high degree, but the material has shown some sensitivity to sunlight given long-term exposure. It should be cleaned with soap as detergents and bleach can cause discolouration. It is a durable material and is neither cheap or expensive, falling around mid-range.

Cotton duck canvas

Cotton duck canvas has been around for many of hundreds of years. It is cheap yet still extremely durable, explaining its sustained popularity on the market. It is water resistant; however, given long-term exposure, water may start to leak through. This can cause the build-up of mildew but this can be avoided by performing half-yearly waterproofing treatments. Its price makes up for most of its downfalls and the material is sure to do a more than adequate job for your outdoor cushion needs.


Another cheap yet durable material, PVC, a synthetic plastic, creates outdoor cushions that are easy to use and will last. Their adaptability makes them a prime choice for many outdoor cushion owners. Although they do retain heat quite easily and on summer days, may become hot to the touch; but their low price and versatility still makes them a popular material in the world of outdoor cushions.

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What materials are outdoor cushions made from? - Cushion Factory