What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog
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When it comes to what to wear to a bridal shower it really depends on the bride, the theme, and where the bridal shower is taking place. If you are part of the bridal shower, you may want to lean on the bride for what to wear. If you are the one who is hosting the shower, then you will definitely want to be comfortable because you will bouncing around the entire event to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

So what to wear to a bridal shower as a guest? This is your chance to wear something that your mother would approve of. That means your dress or skirt should be at least knee length and whatever you are wearing should be clean and ironed. Personally, take your outfit to the cleaners to make sure it looks great before the shower.


A dress is the best option for a bridal shower, especially a sundress because they can be dressed up or dressed down. If you are a guest with nothing to do but show up, bring a present, and enjoy the party then definitely pay attention to this article!

Dressing for the Season

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog
Source: Zola

When you know where the Bridal Shower is going to be then you have an idea of how you should dress. Every place has its own feel and not every place will cause you wear something overly cute. Firstly, consider is there a bridal shower theme? Next, consider who is hosting? Where is it located? What season is it? All of these are helpful questions to help you find the perfect outfit!

Who is Hosting the Shower?

Bridal showers can be fun days filled with food, drinks, and bridal shower games, but, depending on who is hosting the event the feeling of the event will change. If the bride’s wacky aunt is hosting the shower the attire is definitely going to be much more laid back then if her soon to be mother-in-law who is very posh and expects people to wear pearls when they come to dinner at her home.

When the mother of the bride is throwing the party, she may possibly have an expectation on how everyone should dress. Unless the bride’s mother is super laid back and casual, you should dress a bit nicer for her hosted event. If you are comfortable wearing dresses then this is the perfect occasion to be wearing one.

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Location of the Shower

This definitely should be more relaxed than if the shower is being held at a restaurant or a venue. This could end up being a bridal shower luncheon. You may be wondering, what to wear to a bridal shower luncheon? In that case you can wear a cute sundress or a skirt that has a bit of swing to it and a color coordinated top.

If the bridal shower is being held at a restaurant what you are expected to wear will depend on how nice the restaurant is. You don’t want to show up in your jeans and flats and the restaurant is a 5 star restaurant. You also don’t want to wear your nicest dress and the bridal shower is being held at a super casual restaurant.

Obviously depending on the weather and the time of year what you can wear may vary. An outdoor venue may change what you are wearing on the day of if the temperature is different than you thought originally or if it may rain.  Also, this is going to affect what kind of shoes you wear. If you are outside and having to walk on grass, over gravel or for a distance you don’t want to wear a thin heel or a shoe that doesn’t have cushion in the sole. A dress with a light sweater or cardigan and a low pair of heels will work for almost any occasion and is almost always a no-fail outfit.

Time of Year

Always pay attention to the time of the year that the bridal shower is going to be. If the shower is happening in spring you are dealing with a season that you might be dealing with rain in a lot of states. Rain or snow you might have to worry about having a pair of shoes you can change out of once you get inside of the venue. The cooler seasons are known for darker colors like oranges, reds and browns. This is always different from the warmer seasons where you get to wear more floral and pastels. Don’t forget a light wrap if the shower is hosted outside- weather can be unpredictable!

Best Clothing & Accessories for the Shower

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog
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Wear Appropriate Jewelry

Don’t go crazy with the jewelry for a bridal shower! A simple necklace, bracelet, and earrings are the perfect accessories. This is the occasion to wear a nice set of dainty and feminine jewelry like Katie Dean Jewelry. Costume jewelry can be perfect when it comes to prom or a wedding, but for the most part it doesn’t fit into a bridal shower setting.

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Also, special event jewelry might be a bit over the top when it comes to a bridal shower. Leave the showy jewelry at home and instead reach for a great strand of pearls you inherited or a cool ring you found when antique shopping, both could be the perfect little accent to your shower attire.

Pants and Blouse Look

There are a lot of great pants and blouse looks that you can wear to a bridal shower. This is a great look that you can wear dark denim with. The kind of blouse that you would wear would be a bit more girly than something business like. This is a great option for a more casual bridal shower.

If you are going to wear pants and a blouse to a bridal shower definitely make sure that it’s nice and somewhat cute. This could be the perfect outfit when wondering what to wear to a bridal shower luncheon. Pair with a nice pair of shoes or heels to complete the look and dress it up a little more- and always make sure it is wrinkle-free!

Long Dress for a Tea Party Bridal Shower

What to wear to a tea party bridal shower? Usually tea party outfits include tea length dresses that are the length of a cocktail dress. You can still find a tea party like dress in a longer length if you take the inspiration from the 1950’s. I’m talking about a dress with a bit of spin to it or a fitted sleek dress with a feminine bow at the collar or the waist.

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This is definitely what to wear to a tea party bridal shower. Use this as an occasion to dress up more than you usually would! A feminine dress that is a step above a sundress would be the perfect outfit for a tea party bridal shower.

Pretty Shoes

For a bridal shower you should wear some cute shoes! Some espadrille sandals or a wedge style show could be perfect for this event, and are great for walking around mingling and playing games. You could also wear a pump or a cute booties. This is not the event to wear your highest heels! Comfort is still key for an event like this.

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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower if You’re a Bridesmaid

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog
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Stay within the Color Palette

What to wear to a bridal shower as a bridesmaid? Be aware, the bride may decide that she wants all of the bridesmaids to show up to the shower in a complimenting color to the colors of the wedding. Even if the bride-to-be doesn’t suggest this it might make her happy if her bridal party is asking her, what to wear to a bridal shower as a bridesmaid. Or you could find out what she’s going to be wearing and you and the other bridesmaids make sure you don’t wear anything similar to her.

Don’t Wear Black

When it comes to any sort of joyous occasion a person should never ever wear black. As chic as a LBD or little black dress is people aka the Bride doesn’t want to see you show up to her occasion doing your best Breakfast at Tiffany’s look or Morticia Addams. Even if the theme is Gothic or the bride loves black, try to find another color that fits in with the theme, maybe purple or burgundy. Florals and pastels always look fresh and pretty for a bridal shower.

In Conclusion

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower as a Guest | The Wedding Blog
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Once again you might question, what does the bride wear to a bridal shower? And I will once again say, she wears whatever she wants! A lot of brides-to-be will probably show up to almost every single event for her wedding wearing white and as the bride that is her right! If the bride shows up in black, red or leather and lace it is her right to show up in a burlap sack if she likes.

What to wear to a bridal shower as a guest, you really have to lean on the bride-to-be style. Also, know where the bridal shower is happening by paying attention to the atmosphere of the venue. Pay attention to the time of year, the climate that the event is happening in, and if the bride wanted you to wear a certain color or match her theme.

One last thing you may be wondering, what should I do with my hair? Check out this DIY wedding hair guide and get a bit of help. What is your go-to look for a bridal shower? Share in the comments below![external_footer]