Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon – TLC Interiors

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon – TLC Interiors

Shows like My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef have got all of us – including myself – a bit hooked on the idea of getting more creative in the kitchen. But plating a dish worthy of a top score is never going to happen if you’ve not got the proper tools to work with.

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon - TLC Interiors


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In today’s post, I’m showing you some fab new kitchen essentials from my friends at Lorraine Lea, and they’re going to transform the way you cook this winter and beyond. And yes – Lorraine Lea does cookware (they’re about so much more than fabulous bedding!).

What’s so amazing about the pieces you see in this post is that they perfectly blend form and function; they not only look great (so you don’t have to hide them away) but they perform wonderfully too. I always say that any piece you need to use regularly should feature a combination of form and function – and these really do!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these new pieces so good.

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon - TLC Interiors

Ceramic Cookware: Why it’s Better than Teflon

Teflon was a bit of a cooking buzzword in years gone by and it’s safe to say that we all got swooped up in the hype. The problem with Teflon, though, is that using it under high heat conditions can cause the coating to crack and release toxic fumes.

What makes this ceramic cookware so special is that it’s made from raw clay and water. This means that it won’t crack, it’s completely non-stick and you won’t need to use as much oil when you’re cooking. So not only is it safer, but it’s healthier too (and coming into winter I can use all the extra healthy-eating help I can get!).

The other great thing about Lorraine Lea’s ceramic cookware is that it cooks your food far more evenly than other pans and is a much better hear conductor. When it comes to cleaning, that’s pretty easy, too; just let the piece cool down and clean with warm soapy water and a sponge (no need to crack out the scourer here!).

The 9-piece ceramic coated cookware set you see in this post (that you can win below) from Lorraine Lea comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing fault, which gives you added peace of mind when purchasing!

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To find out more about this new ceramic cookware range, click here.

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon - TLC Interiors

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Schmidt Bros Knives; Designed for Lorraine Lea

When Crocodile Dundee said, “that’s not a knife”, clearly he hadn’t discovered these bad boys from Schmidt Bros. The popular German brand has partnered with Lorraine Lea to release a range of top-end knives that are not only rust-resistant, but stain resistant too.

What makes these German steel knives so superior is that they’re made from higher quality materials and feature a full tang.

What is a full tang? Well, a full tang means that the metal of the blade runs all the way to the tip, through the handle and right to the end of the knife. Having a single piece of steel like this prevents the knife from breaking at the tip, ensuring its longevity and durability.

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon - TLC Interiors

From a design perspective, I love the grain you can see in the rare ash wood handles. They not only look on-trend but they feature a soft grip too, making them super-easy to handle. Because the knives look so sleek, you can display them on your bench top, so they’re within easy reach but look good when not in use.

The knives also feature the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve for superior quality and safety, meaning you can rock some of them back and forth on your chopping board to finely dice herbs and veggies.

To see all the knives available from Lorraine Lea, click here.

If you’d like to stay in the loop when it comes to cooking, decorating and keeping your home super-stylin’, click here to jump onto the Lorraine Lea blog and get inspired.

And if you’re keen to secure some of these divine pieces from Lorraine Lea for your own home, see the competition below for details on how you can win!

Why Ceramic Cookware is Better for your Home than Teflon - TLC Interiors

Win a 9-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set

To go in the draw to win the 9-piece ceramic cookware set you see above, valued at $499, simply:

Drop a comment below telling me what you love about this Lorraine Lea set and why?

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** Please note, this competition has closed. The winner was Bridgette Clark **

Open to Australian residents only. Full T&C’s for this competition can be found here.

75 Responses

  1. I’d LOVE the ceramic set designed for Lorraine Lea as i’m new to the business and looking for ways to maximise my knowledge on all products we offer. I feel they would be helpful in my busy life style and be a pleasure to simply just own!

  2. I’ve been looking for a Teflon alternative due to it eventually breaking down and was worried about it being toxic, ceramic looks great, non-stick and easy to clean, this looks like s fantastic alternative.

  3. I would love this set as I’m currently cooking with Kmart branded cookware and would love a good quality set to cook on for my family.

  4. That set has everything you need and lids to match – so great! I love that it would be the last set I’d need to buy, and it would make the perfect wedding or first house gift. Plus design wise they’re slick!!

  5. Slick, non-stick and shiny its the answer to my prayers for some rustless, beautiful grown up pans so i can ditch the terrible student range!

    [external_link offset=2]

  6. Love them because they are safer than other brands! And my whole set of Teflon pans desperately need to go in the bin – the coating is coming off

  7. I love my Lorraine Lea representative Ann Somerfield Mount Gambier SA. Thanks to Ann, my OCD for matching towels, bath mats, sheeting, quilt covers is sorted! I am sure Ann would be more than happy to sell me the new cookware range but I’ll take my chances and try winning it first. My family love cooking, me not so much so this would be a great gift for them -and they cook for me. Winning

  8. I’d love to win a set as I love all Lorraine Lea products I have items in pretty much every room of the house 😀

  9. Id love to win this cookware because every day cooking with my current el cheapo kmart stuff i think about how nice some good quality cookware would be. Alas on a single mum budget, with a growing boy who eats half my wages away, i can’t picture that happening any other way any time soon.

  10. I would love this set, it’s not something I would normally buy for myself but to win it would be fantastic

  11. I would love this set as I am expecting my first child and really need an upgrade away from the Teflon set I own now.

  12. Love that you’ll need less oil for cooking (always a bonus) and it’s easier to clean (great for someone with MS, less energy needed )

  13. What’s not to love it’s one of the best products out there that will deliver a quality and healthy lifestyle in cooking

  14. When the time comes for me to leave the nest, this cooking set would be the perfect addition to my little love nest and hearing that it is non-stick, faultless. As I am not one to use too much oil, it is the ideal for me.

  15. This beautiful set looks like I could cook food my fussy 2 year old couldn’t refuse!!!

  16. Natural ceramic cookware that is safe to cook food for my family is what I have been searching for, as a non-stick and non-toxic surface is what I would really adore; being super smooth and easy to clean means I can easily cook my family healthy delicious meals, and as I wont have to scrub the pan (like I have to currently do) means the neighbours will hear my delightful squeals 🙂

  17. I would love to win, so I won’t feel so embarrassed when I invite friends and family over for dinner

  18. I love that it all matches, my matching saucepan days are long since gone, handle have fallen off, fry pans have disintegrated. Also, I assume they don’t slip all over the stove like my current frying pan does, it’s so dangerous, the amount of times I’ve nearly ended up wearing what I’m cooking!

  19. Is “sooo pretty” a good enough reason? Well obviously yes. Minimising scrub time and maximising cooking time makes them just to good to resist. How did I not know about ceramic cookware before.

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